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    I hope this is the right section to post this in. If not, apologies, and will a mod please move it.

    I am just going to cut right to the method. It's simple, and it's saved me money. I've only tested it with Filipino outsourcing companies and some of the bigger freelance site like eLance and oDesk, but given the industry we are in, it should work with any of them.

    So here it is...

    A lot of the outsourcing companies are charging fees to either join their site, contact their members or hire a freelancer.

    For example onlinejobs dot ph charges a monthly fee of $49, and bestjobs dot ph charges $125 for 3 month membership.

    But these sites also give out the full name of the prospective freelancer.

    And guess what, if you Google them you find tons of different ways to contact them.

    Facebook pages, MySpace profiles, DeviantArt profiles are just a few of the ways I have been able to contact potential employees outside.

    Go figure, they want an online job, so they have an online presence.

    So you can use the freelance sites to scope out prospects, check out their feedback, their resume and their portfolio, and if they make the cut, Google them and make contact.

    That's pretty much it in a nutshell. Hope it works for you like it has for me.