[METHOD] Ranking a press release like a parasite to land/convince local clients

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    Ok so everyone knows about ranking parasite pages nowadays. If for some reason this is new to you, I suggest you read this thread by our beloved t0mmy.

    One of the most common (and difficult to overcome) obstacles of the local SEO game is landing clients.
    While you may be a super awesome SEO specialist, most of the time you need to present something tangible to the client to really lure them in.

    If you somehow manage to get a client with the sales pitch "Hey, toss me $XXX or $X,XXX per month and maybe I'll rank your site for keywords blah blah blah"
    -then good for you. However, in the real world where most of us live, NO ONE would take that offer. It just doesn't make much sense.

    So, to offer something tangible, we're going to rank a press release page just like any other parasite page.

    Why a press release page you ask? It's the most professional looking page in the parasite ranking kingdom.
    If you present a press release that is ranking for a decent keyword (50-250 searches a month range), then it's something tangible for the client to see.

    With this, you're getting multiple birds with one stone. Not only are you showing your ranking capabilities, but you also somehow got a press release for their business, and it's also going to drive real leads to their business.

    Now, about ranking the press release. Whatever you do, just don't over-complicate it!
    Since the terms you're targeting are so low comp, it'll take basically no effort at all to rank it.
    The only part that needs attention is writing the press release. Obviously make sure it's kind of optimized (seriously, just don't over do it) for your low comp keyword.
    For offsite, we're looking at maybe a couple PBN posts and some social signals. *disclaimer: I'm not sure if the social signals really do anything, I just get them no matter what.*
    If you don't have your own private blogs, there are plenty of vendors in the marketplace, just choose one where you can buy them is small amounts, 1 by 1 if possible.

    And that's it! Tell your client / soon-to-be-converted-client about the good news, and proceed to cash your check!

    I can't really speak on how to find and contact these clients, there are tons of threads of how to get ahold of them. Shit, even facebook ads work to drive leads, EVERYONE uses facebook (sadly enough).

    You could just add this in as a pre-sell:
    "Hey I will bring in some leads free of charge just to show the work I/we are capable of." They're going to shit their pants when they see a press release about their business is ranking well. Just sayin'.

    rank press release page for low comp term
    show to client / prospective client
    laugh to the bank

    Good luck out there guys, there's tons of money to be made!

    ***Disclaimer: There are multiple press release sellers in the marketplace that will write the PR and distribute it for you. Alternatively, if you start doing this on a larger scale, as part of your pre-sell, then it might be worth your while to pay for your own account with the distributors, and only out-source the writing part (or write it yourself if you fancy yourself a decent writer).***
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    Thanks buddy. Method sounds really interesting. Sadly I'm too stretched in other tasks :(.
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    I was born a poor black child
    Just my opinion, but it might be hard as the local algorithm is gonna be looking for a site
    structure and content that indicates a local business. A press release does not really meet
    that criteria.
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    Good post. It's good and short cut method of ranking a press release in very short time.
    It'll be helpful to create viral content.