[Method] QR Codes and SMS Payment

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    Never tried this since my country has quite low population and understanding what QR code is.

    Method itself:

    Sign up with Fortumo or any other SMS payment providers - sorry US members Fortumo does not work for you, you need to find one yourself.
    Pick a niche you see everywhere near you.
    Movies, products advertised etc.

    Create webpage which will respond to Fortumo request when someone sends a message.
    Unfortunately you need to know PHP to get this working.

    Generate QR codes to send SMS messages to number provided by payment provider with picked keyword.
    For example use http://qrcode.kaywa.com/ , choose SMS.

    Now print this qr code to stickers and stick them to billboards and anywhere you see it fit.

    Once someone scans this QR code with a cell automatically sms is prepared and user needs to press only send button.

    If you want I believe you can sign them up with monthly/weekly charging plan :)

    Don't blame me if this does not work, it's just an idea...