[Method] Putting Spam Comments to Work for You

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    Around a month or two ago, I read a WSO that was basically run-of-the-mill stuff talking about keyword research, backlinks, blah blah, but the author included what I thought was quite a good tip. If you have a blog is basically an affiliate blog, probably like many you have a 500 or 600 word post on the front page given a general overview of the product. Once you have written that, there's not really much more you can actually add I find. For example, one of my blogs is selling a diet food. The front page talks about how it works for weight loss, then I have a number of other pages with some recipes, some YouTube reviews and of course a page discussing the best place to buy, which I link to from the other pages. Pretty standard stuff. The author of this WSO suggested that because you can't really add to a site like this once you have given the information, rather than spending lots of time trying to find out more about the product and invest time on content, a good way to increase your SERPs is to have lots of comments.

    He rightly said that because the number of comments a post or page can have is without limits, basically you can make a 600 word post or page into a 10,000 word page. Needless to say, with the right comments this is very on-topic content that the search engines will love.

    Because the only comments most blogs are likely to get are Scrapebox blasts, the author suggested that to get things rolling, you have to write your own. However, he pointed out there is no good just sitting at your home PC adding them, because he states that the search engines can tell if the comments are genuine and won't give preference to a page with fake comments and no real user interaction. So he suggested that every time you are on a PC that has a different IP to yours i.e. at a friends house, or when you are out and connected to a wireless location with a mobile device that you should add a comment. Then when you go home you can reply to it thus making your site appear much more popular and with more user interaction then it actually has.

    That seemed like a lot of hassle to me, and I couldn't really be bothered to keep changing my IP with proxies to add comments either - but fortunately there is a much easier way. Just disable any spam filters you have on your blog and put in the settings that comments have to be approved. When your spam comments start flooding in, just edit them in your dashboard then publish. This usually only takes a few seconds per comment as you can usually just add to the existing spam. For example i will change " i have found this article very interesting, you know what you're talking about!" into "I found this article very interesting - Can I buy these in Europe?" I then answer the comment, which gives me another chance to sending them to my aff link.

    Change the style of the comments, include spelling mistakes in some of them, make some sound like they are written by non-native speakers, etc to make them appear more natural.

    The static homepage on my blog used to be around 500 words long, but now it is 3200 words and growing. I was on the end page two for my main KW but am at the bottom of page one, and haven't been doing any sort of backlinking recently.

    I sometimes change my commenter's anchor text, like "Best Reverse Phone Lookup" will probably become "Fattybumbum" or something similar. I keep the URL in place as long as it isn't porn or pharma.

    It is an easy thing to do that takes 15 minutes a few times a week, it gives you lots more opportunities to sell, you can ask questions in the comments that real users might have, and it should also increase your ranking. It also makes the blog look much more trustworthy. Before doing this I never had any likes or tweets, but now have several hundred and they are all genuine.
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    comment spamming usually comes with additional links to it so the link will get more juice, I guess that if you have a PR AND a do follow, you can actually benefit from approving comments and removing them after a week or so (depends on volume)

    This way you keep getting more and more links pointing at your blog