[METHOD] Possibility of unlimited Google Voice Accounts / Bypass SMS verification!

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    OK Everyone, have only personally tested this on a few accounts but want to throw it out there as BHW has helped me start a business and start a new path in life, here's to leaving the day-to-day grind and striking out on your own everyone!


    My Rediff Mailbot (d/l for free on bhw, thx -ReX- !!!!)
    One Active cell phone number

    1) use rediff mailbot to create as many email accounts as you need for phone numbers (1 to 2 ratio)
    2) n -i -n -j -a -c -l -o -a -k . -c -o -m , and go to gmail, sign up for a new account, use generated rediff email as existing email (<- may be optional, but not entirely sure, I just do it to keep kosher with the big G)
    3) create account, using existing active cell phone number to receive SMS verification
    4) v -o -i -c -e . -g -o -o -g -l -e . -c -o -m, register a new phone number while logged in with the email addy you just created, make sure everything's good, if asked for SMS verification use existing cell phone # to receive the first verification code from them
    5) v -o -x -o -x . -c -o -m, select use desktop version, use gmail account email you just created, and use the google voice phone number you just registered if asked to verify via text
    6) go back to gmail through n -i -n -j -a -c -l -o -a -k, and register for another gmail account. repeat steps 4-5 ad infinitum, using new phone number you gained from v o x o x to answer any SMS verification.

    Let me know how this works for you guys, as always there are ideas and work-arounds for *every* problem!
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    so, does it work well enough?