Method: Merge Online with Offiline to be involved as intermediate in business

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    Hello, Everybody, this is my first method, and well is not easy at all and is not a low investment method. but is very scalable and I'm very sure if you do it well it can be a great business.

    Short History, when I arrive at this site, I was recently emigrating from my country, my country literally goes to shit, and I was very desperate, still a little bit desperate and frustrated because it's really hard this process to be honest with all of you.

    I still want to save every Euro in my pocket, and I lost some money in a Shopify Store which I start without being prepared. And I'm running a lot of other business sometimes I like to call it my hobby, like a trying to rank an authority site with amazon affiliate (Still Fighting for understanding), and some Instagram accounts (Instagram + Clickbank was my first money online).

    For this method, I use some experience I already got in my offline work.

    Is NOT a totally online method you are going to need a lot of effort to obtain your first sales.

    In a way works very similar to drop shipping business but to another level.

    What are you going to need?

    • Business Register ( I register my business in the USA in the state of Florida, cost around 600 USD + Commercial License 200 USD + Resale Tax 50 USD )
    • Virtual Office 15 USD Monthly
    • Hosting service and a Very Good Business Template
    • Skype International Call Plan 17 USD
    • Instagram account and Facebook Account of the Business.
    • Business bank account (USA it's very easy to open an account without being present with DocuSign)
    • Quick Book for Taxes
    With all these things what we are going to do?

    Well, the first step selects a niche.

    I don't want to reveal my niche but is in Food as a complementary service I will give you an idea, a lot of industries have complementary services, example No. 1 the Cosmetic companies needs Caustic Soda, and packages, you can be intermediate between a clothes buyer and a wholesaler.

    The PO Box business is great too!

    How to give the service and select the supplier?

    Well, this is one of the hardest parts never go for the biggest wholesaler, example if you want to sell clothes for export to another country you need to look for one on the internet for a 90 looks web site, call them and speak with sales department, introduce yourself we are a company dedicated to export clothes to South America stores with a lot of clients ( Sell yourself ), and in the introduction email you made your economical proposition.

    I easy expect a 5% to 10% of discount that is our winning rate, in my niche I put half of the inversion and the client and I receive half of the winning. around 15%

    If you are going to try the export read about Incoterms. FOB is what you need to look for.

    I actually always use local suppliers is easier, and the easier market is not USA I don't need to say that. I only make 1 sale in the USA with a lot of Effort, my best market is some south American countries. My native language is Spanish so that helps a lot.

    How is that an online method?

    Well, remember your business don't exist in the real life is just a company in a virtual office, so you are going to need to create confidence, and additional if you can rank high in google slowly you are going to receive organic traffic and more clients.

    Virtual office give you a local phone in the USA, who transfer the call to your cellphone, and also you can contract for 15 USD more a real secretary for answering your calls :)

    How to start?

    I become making a lot of calls to potential clients after everything is ready!

    You make a call introduce yourself and ask to speak with the purchasing department you introduce your service, they are going to ask you for a presentation by email, you send it to them and in your signature your put your web page. 100% of the person who is interested are going to check your website.

    Two options or you send a commercial Brochure or catalog with your products or ask for which are products are they interested.

    I prefer the first option.

    Receive the Requirements

    You need to answer to the requirements in a profesional way, the fast time of response is great for the business and call after send to quote. Create a personal connection. for the nature of my business, i actually have 3 Clients, 2 of them purchase me food in two different countries.

    Payment conditions

    This is the bad part of this business, the clients never pay at the moment 30 days of credit are necessary to receive the payment.

    My Results.

    I make 6 Sales from the month of January to today, almost all sales in February the first month was almost 0, I made around 1.300 USD. Free of Tax, Because Income not made in The USA are not Taxable :)

    I have some products in test, not start yet to try to scale that business, but I actually need a partner or a mentor who help me in the Online part, I use my work experience and a shot knowledge of the online method to make some sales, thanks to Black Hat World people :)
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