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[METHOD] Make Money without any major risk!

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by kasher9, Aug 30, 2012.

  1. kasher9

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    May 12, 2009
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    Ok so this method is a little old school, and I’m going to cut the bullshit out of it so that you can understand the main bits.
    1. You’re going to need patience with this, and you’re going to have to be willing to go beyond your comfort zone.
    2. Set up a website, with wordpress installed, and the domain should be based on mobile phones.
    3. Make it look technical, and setup an automatic article feed, so that you don’t have to worry about content (if you don’t know how to do this, then contact me)
    4. Then start writing personal reviews on phones and post them on your blog, make sure they are keyword rich. There is no hard selling involved in this method, it’s all about recommendation and developing a strong relationship between your reader about their needs from a phone, so focus on everyday needs when reviewing the phones. If a template is needed, contact me.
    5. Sign up to a mobile phone affiliate, for UK people, phones4u is the best one as they offer £35 per sale, and it’s easy to promote their deals.
    6. Once your website is ready, start with some basic SEO tools just so that you can get it indexed and stuff.
    7. Bringing in the traffic, there will be three different methods:
    · One, most of you have already sussed out, posting articles on various websites and subtly hinting to the readers to go on your website for more reviews and information, really get the chatter going about your website.
    · This is the key one; you will be selling your “phone” on gumtree and craigslist, saying selling this phone etc, and you will start getting emails, once you do, send them to your website.
    · Social media is another big hit for this, so go on pages for Samsung etc, and comment on each post saying “oh they’ve got an amazing review on ___your website___”
    · Youtube also works, I don’t need to explain this one
    · You might be thinking this is all old news, but there is one more promotional technique which I have kept quiet is going on twitter, setting up a fake account as a student girl, make her look nice, you guys should know how to get the friends with a nice pretty girl hehe, but make sure they’re also students. Once you have, start retweeting and hashtagging from your review website twitter account, and you’ll see a dramatic increase in sales as students can
    ’t generally afford phones outright, but they like to have nice phones so they get contracts, and they’re more impulsive than the older generation so convincing them doesn’t take much.
    · You can try to SEO your website, but I wouldn’t waste my money on it, it’s just too competitive and the results will be slow and progressive.
    · Another promotional technique that I do is by using torrents: most games for android phones have to be mapped to that phone, especially the advanced games, so what you do is download in-demand games for specific devices like temple run – for the galaxy s3, and upload it on torrent websites, and in the file, make a html saying “download here”, they go to download and they’re directed another website of yours where you have a squeeze page setup, where you say “to download your file, all you have to do is submit your email and the download link will be sent to you” in small print write “you will receive promo emails” bla blab la. For iphones, uploading software for it works, anything works for the iphone, it’s all in demand haha. With that, you’re building an email list and drip feeding your list with links to reviews on your website. You might be thinking if they already have a phone why would they buy another, well statistics show that majority of smartphone users very rarely tend to keep their phone for too long, so if they see the right deal backed up by a “credible” site like yours, then they’ll go for it, and give their old one to someone else.
    · Hiring a girl from fiverr to do a video for you works amazingly as well. She can review a product for you, and the beauty of it is that if she’s hot enough, she won’t even need the phone she’s reviewing, she can just say “oh find out more on ___your website” – this will boost your credentials and make you seem legit.
    I haven’t drip fed you because this isn’t me trying to make money of you guys so I’m gaining nothing by releasing my method. If you don’t like it, fair enough, if you think it’s ripping off other people’s methods well know this, 99% of IM’ers on the internet which are trying to sell you a “BRAND NEW METHOD” are just creating an elaborate twist on something they’ve seen being done.
    The beauty of this is that it’s uncapped, and you don’t have to use shady proxies to bring in your revenue. This is steady profit, and once you know what you’re doing, you can start making 100’s of these mobile phone review sites. The cost of it is broken down as follows:
    Cost of 1 website to setup: $50 (includes domain, hosting for a year, design related costs)
    Cost of misc promotional related costs: $50
    That’s your one website set up, rest is just hard work, and because your viewers are gonna be laser targeted, your conversion rate should be around 0.5-2% so if you’re getting 100 views a day, you should get around 1 sale, which doesn’t sound like much, but that’s from one website, you scale it, and you got 2 sales a day = £70/day which is £2400/month.
    Again, please don’t hate on me simply because I didn’t explain everything to detail, because anything you don’t know how to do in this method, can be found in BHW anyway. And don’t hate on me because you think it's a repeat, because as I said, all profitable methods are just twists on the old ones.
    For those of you who are thinking this won't work, it does as it's proven by me, the mobile phone industry is one of the most profitable throughout the world, everything is going mobile, I work full time as a manager for a phone company so I know what sort of money their can be made in this industry, my own website for the above method, made about £60/day because I was using a different affiliate, I sold it off as I have other commitments but you get the idea.
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  2. kasher9

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    May 12, 2009
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    I don't do this anymore, as I've gone into SEO and have full time job commitments as well as being a student so my hands are quite full haha. But I work for a phone company and can assure you that the above figures I mentioned are nothing compared to what some of the big boys are earning through their mobile phone websites.
  3. Salto

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    Apr 13, 2010
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    who cares about a proof of earnings?

    Thanks for the share. Its logical that such methods work if you know how to get traffic to them. Just put your twist on it and find other / better niches.

    Ive like to thank you for the tipps :)