[METHOD] Long Term SEO Success - How to Start a Cheap Blog Network with Authority!


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Sep 9, 2012
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I wanted to get my rep and thanks up so I wanted to share a nugget on here to help others.

You Will End Up With. Domains and Pages that have authority on them. Natural looking blogs with post and pics. Links built that won't effect the money sites you are linking to.

This method is simple and effective. I add a few extras on the end as bonuses. This will get you some nice authority on domains to begin building up. Very easy and great place to start. You can also use for your regular sites to build authority. I don't link to every other post I reference in this post... but use the search bar to the top left and I have lead you to them.

You need:
2-3 days (can be spread out) I can do in 1 day but others may be slower at spinning, and machine on submissions :)
150 one off - Licorne AIO - I use this over others for this task b/c it can submit anything and its price
50 one off - Scrapebox or purchase list
download section for free - List of Directories (look for an old post and the directory submitters, directory list, high pr directory list)
godaddy, namecheap etc... - 5 or more Domains - Buy cheap domains to start or buy lower pr for 20 a piece - your choice and budget there
Category, Description,etc... for each site (domain)
The Best Spinner
Captcha's - 10-20k
Private Proxies (you can use free, I use private) - 10-30 (more the better)
hotmail emails - one for each site

DOING IT ON THE CHEAP? - Time it so you can download the free trials on this products (Licorne AIO, TBS etc... and use those to complete a full run.) Just have everything ready and watch the training videos pre authorizing the trial... BOOYAH - you could have a small network for 50 bucks or less.

1. Purchase the domains
2. host them on free hosting to start - (you can buy hosting if you would like but I am writing this for starters) Type in free hosting on BHW - never tried it but know a few that have.
3.Install WP or Drupal - Name each site (you can make a logo etc.. if you want or just name)
3a. WP - pick the theme (download section or free themes) and load 5-6 500 word articles with 1-3 images with your sites alt tags. Spin then produce (TBS - please spin correctly and you can use 10 articles across all sites - sentence spin first, then spin the common syn. by 3) and add a blurp (I call a blurp an added 30 words in the middle or end of article to get off topic and rant -- makes it personalized and guarantees more uniqueness)
3b. Drupal - Make site look tidy with same article etc...
3c. Install plugins and facebook (fake) etc... make it look real. I open the sites admin pages on different tabs and install plugins or I FTP everything over. (Your Skill Determines what you do here)
4. Verify Site looks ok to human eyes and looks like a descent blog. vary themes, pics, colors, etc...
5. Take each domain and list in excel doc - siteurl (spintax form) with http:// , spun titles of that site , spun description,
6. take bought or scraped list and all found list and load into licorne. This can be slow ---- Load 1500-2500 at a time using the link analyzer first and then add to database. If you add a ton of links, don't worry - you can alway export database and scrub PR and re upload for other submissions. Just keep up with the list of Link Directories which you will export later. SO you can add a ton of sites for directories, then complete those task - generate reports, Save them, then export entire database - scrub in sb - copy domains on reports from directories, then reupload to licorne.. It is a pain but a few times and you will have a nice list of directories that it works well with.
7. Once all are loaded - create a project for each site.
8. Create a task in licorne - directory submission, use the hotmail email, use your excel file that was built, etc... add all directory's and drip feed to 30 a day. (I have 5500 loaded and drip feed 50 a day)
9. once all task are made - start submitter with (depends on your machine) 15-30 threads. Make it where you can use the computer if you need and licorne doesn't crash and burn.

Once all task are done - follow advice earlier about scrubbing your overall list. Also - Licornes Link Analyzer will give you a lot of details about the sites... always export those as they are great for trading between tools.

Depending on how long and how good your list were -- should be pretty good if you use some from BHW :) you will end up with blogs that have 25-35 in authority... many times over 40.

Scrape list for the directories or other links in the categories you are utilizing in your little blog network. {hint... find the footprints and merge with a keyword scrape on scrapebox for keywords from each of your categories/blogs}
You can go further and use Licorne to build out links to the sites.
Use FCS Networker to build out several 100 Web 2.0's in a link wheel around each site then aim Licorne's as Tier 2. Or Vice Versa...
Use Xrumer to blast links at links your build on licorne towards these sites.
Order Fiverr gigs for directory submissions to these sites and use those list to aim at the others.
mix in sb comments manual towards the sites (make sure HIGH PR, Do Follow)
Blast Comments at Tier 1's or Tier 2's (find some autoapprove list in BHW)

You can get very detailed and technical with this... but if you schedule out task and keep this going for a long period you can actually have substance on your blog network.

Last Extra Bonus: For your own personal blog network pointed at your money site with relevance and juice...
Take the Moneysite - example keywords for it - brokers of food, food brokers, best food brokers, where to find food brokers
Take the blogs - domain 1, domain 2, domain 3, domain 4, domain 5, domain 6 etc... use the money site keywords as keywords for the posting towards these now Tier 1 sites... {riskier but if you know what you want... this can give you some major rankings boost}Do the same for Tier 2,3,4 - On the Tier 1 (blog network) only put branded or naked url link to the money site. {see black vs. white in the bst for idea on it}
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You want to get your rep and thank up?

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