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    Browsing across the internet tonight I came across an excellent method in which you could make some extra cash from some beginners in internet marketing on DP or any other internet marketing forum with a BST section. This method is 3 steps so its very basic which means everyone can do it.

    Step 1: Go to the website below...

    Now search for some interesting topics in which you think a beginner in internet marketing would think is an "amazing" ebook. Now sign up for an account if you don't have one and download the ebook.

    Step 2: Now this depends on the writing ability you have and creativity but you can ether rewrite the ebook in your own words and make the ebook better in the end result OR you can outsource the work and have it done for $5-10... I myself would pay a freelancer to rewrite the ebook since I don't particularly like writing.

    Step 3: So finally you have your rewritten version of the ebook in which you downloaded on DocStoc. Now go onto DP or any other IM forum with a BST and post a thread that is promoting and selling your ebook. Be sure to make the title catchy and the price even better so you get more sales. If you had your ebook rewritten by a freelancer for $10 make the price of your book about $6.50-7.00 so that once 2 copies are sold your out of the whole and onto pure profit.

    TWIST: I really couldn't let you guys hanging with a 3 step method so here is a little twist in which you could do if you found a good ebook about doing services such as blog commenting...

    Create a small WordPress website which looks professional and write up some content about the book such as a [email protected] product and then get some traffic to it using Yahoo Answers / Digg / etc.. Do this for about a week till you have 10 visitors a day coming to your site and then post your site for sale along with rights to the ebook on DP... I am pretty sure with rights to the ebook and a site you could get $50-100.
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    Good method very noob friendly, thanks.