[Method] How to make money from twitter " High Conversions " Authority Account !

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    Ok I will be brief . I have a lot of experience when it comes down to twitter
    marketing . I convert good ! for every 100 visitors I get at least 5 - 15 signups. That's everyday all day !

    In a week I may end up with 100 new sign ups !

    This is how I build my list using twitter and a few tools which I'm going to
    outline in a moment !

    First you will need some tools. Tweet attacks , Social oomph, Website , and a autoresponder .

    I won't tell you how to make a squeeze page . Or which autoresponder to get thats up to you .

    You can buy tweet attacks here on the forum for a discount ! get it . It works with this method .

    My niche is music as some know ! Your niche " your topic " is up to you to select it . I won't be picking for you .

    And YES I make my own music . I'm not using no one esle .

    I won't tell you how to make an twitter account with an background , or how to put an URL in your description . I understand some of you may be noobs .

    And I won't go into EVERY detail about using tweet attacks . The owner is on this forum . and there are SOOOOOO many threads about it . READ .
    BUTT ........


    Alright now I got that out the way !

    First you will need to get your website up . Don't worry about writing text copy . For twitter its best to use video .

    Why .

    People on twitter are like people walking past you . You only have so long to catch there attention.

    So VIDEO is the now any way . and it converts better . A LOT Better .

    On your website it would help to have a very nice one . Presentation matters .NO MATTER WHAT ANYONE SAYS. IT HELPS A WHOLE LOT .

    BUT its not needed ! you can do with out .

    Headline or header is needed on your website .

    this was one of the simple websites i used . Im still getting atleast five to ten signups from this link below .


    Alright now , you need an auto responder . Once again I won't speak on this . just get one that can send follow up messages .

    I found that if you write with YOUR personality its better .
    Don't try and write like your favorite guru or marketer , write like a real human being with real experiences . for some reason when i do this

    my email open rate goes from 5 - 10% to %30 to 40 %

    so don't be scared to be personal . That's the best way to go .


    I think most people forget that they are surround by some of the most knowledeable on the internet . When you talk to others TONE IT DOWN !

    People on twitter aren't like us , So don't try and make them to be !

    VERY IMPORTANT . alright .

    I email them everyday . wheter its a new song ,an interview , a blog post , a new friend I found .

    I Mean it everyday . But i don't just talk about my music , I actually ask question . I listen to all stories who send me one . I collab with the people on my list . I do whatever I have to do to treat the people on my list LIKE THERE KING .

    WHY ? Its Simple .

    There the ones who help pay my bills . In my eyes There More important than the one who invented SWAG !

    Ps I hate that word now , But its so large in the HIP HOP Community !

    Don't just email them when you have an offer. If you had a true friend they call and talk to you for hours about things that's not even important .

    that's what you gone do to your list . Involve them in your life . And don't day you cant . Facebook and perfect for this !

    Ok once you setup your first seven message after the first seven days . Ask for the sale anytime within or after it really don't matter in my eyes.
    As long as you treat them right . they will SPEND MONEY WITH YOU .

    next setup your twitter account . that's obvious ! make sure your url is in the desription .

    next go to social oomph ! this is where most of your direct traffic will come from . I will explain in a minute !!

    first you register an account , I dont and I wont walk you through it . If you sign up here At BHW then you know how! I have faith in you !!

    After you confirm your email and other stuff . Go to ! social oomph !
    and go to on the sidebar it says Social accounts - edit welcome dm

    Alright the service is 4 dollars every two weeks . Worth every penny when used right .

    The purpose of this tool is this , It autopmatically follows every one who follows you and send them a dm auto matically . The reason why I like social oomph for this is for one reason .

    Spin tax . You can use syntax and spin your message . That way every new follower can get a new message .

    I won't tell you how to write you message . But I will tell you . KEEP IT DUMB SIMPLE . don't try to fit a paragraph into 140 letters .

    Simply tell them this . And this really works for me . After some trail and error .

    My message goes like this .

    " Thank you for following me . Since you following me now visit my website . [insert link] Have a nice day !

    that's it . That's all I do to build me a nice email list from just one traffic source !!

    I hope I help you !!!
    they give you the option to spin different version