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[Method] How To Increase Leads And Sales With Digital Referral Program (Affiliates)

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by CaptainJackSparrow, Sep 24, 2016.

  1. CaptainJackSparrow

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    Sep 21, 2016
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    So first off, I want to say thank you all for such amazing content on BHW! I'm new here, but hope to contribute as much as I can and give back. This post I need to credit @Taktical as I was inspired by his method! If this method has already been shown, then I apologize in advance, as I didn't read this anywhere else really. (Also I'm new so can't post links yet).

    So no matter what type of work you do, whether it be web design, SEO agency, dropshipping, digital marketing, graphic design, etc, one of the biggest issues you face is getting leads! Can't do anything if people can't come to you to use your services, right?

    @Taktical in his great post for getting more leads suggests getting referrals and paying them 10% of the total costs that a client pays for their contract. If it's a 6 month contract, the person who sent you that client will get 10% of all the money you get from that client for that 6 month contract. This is great and does work, however this relies a lot on just word of mouth for the most part. Also, it pretty much gives others how much a client charged, which could go against their knowledge or terms, depending on what you set it as. I know a lot of times clients don't want people, or even their friends, to know how much they are spending on a service, especially when it could be in the thousands of dollars per month.

    What I am suggesting is to add to it and go 1 step further, and create a digital way for that referral to get you more business--by having them use a specific affiliate link! When a potential client gets that link, you can easily track where it came from. No need to ask the person who they referred. What if the client says the name of someone else in the company that referred them? For example: You have an acquaintance friend named Mike who works at company X. Mike tells his friend John from company Z about you. John tells his boss, Gary (the CEO) about you. Gary contacts you and you make the sale. When you ask Gary who referred you, Gary says John. But you have no clue who John is. Mike asks after a month about his referral commission earned, but you have no clue what he's talking about, and in effect, you lose more time trying to track down the route of the referral for that one person. That person may think you're all talk, that may stop them from dealing with you because you're not worth the time. You lose out future clients because of that!

    Luckily situations like this can be prevented and streamlined into a much simpler way by creating an affiliate program for your company or services. There are plugins you can use for wordpress, here are a few (I am not associated with them in any way): affiliatewp.com and wpaffiliatemanager.com . You basically get your referrals to create an account, you can set all the terms and conditions for the program, and they get the referral/affiliate link. You can then have them send out that specific link that has their affiliate tag attached, so if your site has items that people can purchase, it will be attributed to that link. If your site doesn’t, that’s fine—you can set the link to track form signups (such as entering contact info to get in touch with you) and then attribute the sale to the referrer. This method also lets them log in to see their stats, earnings, etc. And lets you pay directly via paypal. I found a site for a web design firm that has it implemented already (again not associated with them): blacklinewebdesign.com/web-design-affiliate-program . Another way that can help is creating a banner for referrals to use on their own existing sites…so it creates another link to you directly too to help with SEO rankings for free!

    Hope this helps!