[METHOD] How to get Scrapebox comments approved

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    Just was about to make a batch of comments for my niche and i thought about sharing this simple, yet effective method to getting a higher approval rate when comment spamming.

    Basically, all you have to do is go find a forum in your niche, and compile a text file with 20-50 forum posts. Then use some spinning software and spin that bad boy, so you can generate unique comments for each blog. Because the forum posts are relevant to your niche, you will get a higher approval rate from the blog admins when posting to niche related blogs.

    THIS IS IMPORTANT: If you care about not having a gigantic footprint then I'll advise you to rewrite each forum post about 2+ times, then spin them on the word level.

    Anyways, I hope this helps you guys get some of your blog comments approved. Good luck and I hope I helped.

    PS: I intentionally left my other twists out of the method, so definitely start thinking of more ways you can get your comments approved faster. (that's a hint btw)