METHOD - How to get 250$ facebook accounts for ad spend for "free": GOT SCAMMED?

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    METHOD - How to get 250$ facebook accounts for ad spend for "free": GOT SCAMMED?

    The guy just decided now he wont give me the contacts as he got banned on bhw:

    So the story is like this:
    I see a person on my skype list which claims that he sells a method for getting free 250$ accounts for fb ad spend.

    After talking and asking tons of questions which i did not get answer to almost none of them .. he tells me "well it will cost around 10$" which sounds great .. after a week or so, i gather the money (600$) and he tells me that now it will cost 30$ to create those accounts. (which is still great..).

    After sending him the money, he tells me that's the method:

    I will give you a list of contacts (people who sells the stuff you need) which will be a sum of 30$ and this is how it works:

    1. buy a hacked failed billing account from guy #1
    2. buy a hacked VCC from guy #2

    that's it.

    600$ for that.

    After i confront him and tells him that I already knew this "method" and its not a method, its just a list of contacts (which I refuse to "accept" so he cant claim i got any method) he tells me that it is a method.
    I explained him that I already know this "method" and a method should be a way to do it by my self, not to get a list of contacts who sells hacked fb accounts and hacked vcc's + I show him proofs.
    He claims that i am trying to scam him by wanting to charge back.

    Regardless to say, I proved him that i knew it (team viewer, showing him logs of a person telling me about it + a person that i already was doing the same "method" with before) and explained him that I payed for a METHOD not for a list of guys that sells tons of shit (600$).
    He claims he is a prinicple person, and he is right about this, and im trying to scam him.

    So I told him I will post your "method" on bhw + the story and let the users decide if you are right in selling this shit for this price.
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