[METHOD] How To Find How Many Questions a specific Subject on Yahoo Answers Has!

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    I discovered this not long ago. Here it is:

    Put down in Google for ALL questions search:

    site:answers.yahoo.com "keyword"

    You can Combine keywords (my favourite)

    site:answers.yahoo.com "keyword"+"keyword"+"keyword"
    EX: site:answers.yahoo.com "where to buy"+"cheap" returns 27 questions asked in the past hour when i wrote this!

    If you want only open questions put this:

    site:answers.yahoo.com "keyword" -top answer -best answer

    If you want it down by specific time you can tell google to show recent or 24 hours or week.

    I was amazed to find out that a highly competitive niche was getting 1000 questions a day! WOW. Can you imagine that???

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