[Method] Guaranteed +3000$ Per Month With Fiverr and ClickBank


Nov 21, 2009
Heres my method on how Im pulling in over +3000$/month and increasing.

A few days ago someone posted that they were looking for affiliates for some type of product here, the site looked really good so I started promoting it.

The site pays affiliates 60% commission every 30 days (recurring billing). What I found is that as an affiliate this product converts pretty well, so I start driving traffic to it.

How? Okay so I have a Fiverr account, I'm a top rated seller and I get around 20-30 orders a day.

So when I deliver my orders to my buyers I upload a seperate text file and call it bonus.

I have this in the text file named "BONUS - MUST READ":


If you liked this Gig, please take a second and visit this website:

Want more traffic? Want more backlinks? Go to http://CLICKBANKAFFILIATEID

Much, much more effective and highly recommended.

Seriously.. check it out!"

Ofcourse I replace "CLICKBANKAFFILIATEID" with my affiliate ID.

Every sale for many offers are over $100/month.

So if your doing well on Fiverr and have a CB account, start making some serious money with this method.

The best thing is these are recurring payments every 30 days.

Good luck!
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Nice idea. Now I just need to figure out what can I do in Fiverr, lol.
so what services do you provide in fiverr that gets 20-30 orders a day? sounds like a load of work to build up to that
Could you post the link to that thread because i wanted to promote it the last time i saw it but couldn't find the link to the thread today
Impressive, wouldn't expect Fiverr's value-minded buyers to purchase a $97+/mo package.
so what services do you provide in fiverr that gets 20-30 orders a day? sounds like a load of work to build up to that

I offer a lot of gigs, I don't want to get too specific.. obviously.

But they are all SEO related, backlinks, article submissions, directory submissions, forum profiles, backlink pyramids, etc.
Hey guys, you can put a twist to this.Tweaking and twists are the skills this game requires.like i can already see a tweak with this for my email campaigns.i'll get to work testing right now.guys try and tweak this differently as well, lets see how it works with your methods, or prolly join fiverr too, and practise
I think this is a very good idea, and could definetly get people thinking of creative ways.

I like the theory, the idea, and the technique. I will for sure be using it.
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Got about 20gigs on Fiverr and never make a cent .. I think you need to have been on fiverr from their early days.
What most people don't realize is that Fiverr is not only a great marketplace where you can buy or sell for cheap and make money or outsource work, but it gets tons of traffic daily which are extremely targeted visitors. So the conversion rates are extremely high. Best of luck.
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Is there a way to contact Targeted buyers with your method, that did'nt use your service?
Fiverr people are going there for cheap stuff. Not sure they will consider high price stuff. I recently bought a gig and got that "bonus offer". I didn't even look at it...
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