[Method]Get 5x cheaper dropship from China


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Oct 7, 2019
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are you dropshipping or you a supplier ? can we do dropship in 1688 ?


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Apr 25, 2020
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@augustwu im interested in buying dog products from China? Can you help. I don’t want to deal with Ali express anymore.


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Jul 1, 2018
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Thanks for the share!

I got couple of questions and i'd appreciate it if you respond.

1-) Does the prices include the shipment cost ?

2-) Is the items on their home page their certified official items ? (guaranteed?)

3-) Do you know a website that can link me to a local supplier ?

Thanks again!


Nov 17, 2020
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Hello everybody
I have been here for almost 5 years, always read, never post guide,
Today I will share my experience and tips dropship from China
1.My background
Yes, I am local Chinese, I am living economically developed provinces near shanghai,
there are thousands of factories near my home, and many friends of mine do dropship from china
years by years.
Some of my friends even sell Chinese finance information to Wallstreet or Bloomberg, they collect the information from local China sites like Sina or Netease and sell them.Yes it's another way of dropship.
They actually earn a lot.
I have been dropship for many years, I have two eCommerce sites,
one is Boutique clothing and another is replica products.
Like many friends here, I do Instagram botting, SEO, email marketing and other free traffic ways,
I have been doing a software engineer for ten years, very good at python and Linux.

2.Why you should drop from local China rather than aliexpress
1)Thousands of people dropship the same products from aliexpress again and again, customers are not stupid,they see the products again and again, they will see the actual price at last
2)there are many dropshippers on aliexpress like some of my friends, so if you dropship again from aliexpress, you are double dropshippers, the profit is not that high
Take this clothes(cloth.jpg) for example, it's US $30.89, not affiliate like
View attachment 117097
But while you check the same image on aliexpress, it's only 53 RMB(8$)
not affiliate link
You can see, it's 5 cheaper than aliexpress,right?

3.I just take 1688 for example,there are many sites in China,taobao , jd.com and pinduoduo.com which is low quality and even more cheaper than 1688.
If you want high quality and cheap price,you should hire someone to help you find products in local factories. These factories use exist in Guangdong province,Zhejiang province, Jiangsu province.
Yes, I live in one of them, don't buy far away from these province, because of the shipping time.
I mark the three provinces as red, for me, I have two warehouses in the provinces that can save my time from factory to my carrier.
Usually from the factory to my carrier takes 2-4 days.
View attachment 117100

4.Even most Chinese don't know there are some products can't drop ship,I have spent many times to check which can dropship and which is high quality. Choose products from 1688 ,taobao,jd,pinduoduo
need much experience.
For example ,
1)Still there are some dropshipper on 1688 or other sites,they change products frequently.
This is a mistake I made before,i upload some products, but the Merchant change the products frequently which made the products always out of stock. You should better choose the merchant
has words '工厂' rather than '商行'

2)If you want to sell product one by one , you'd better choose a merchant which support one by one.
Not all of them support sell products one by one , please be aware.

3)And the ship method,if your package is less than 1kg weight,you can choose epacket.
If your weight is much height than 1kg, you can choose faster ship method, because epacket only better for the products less than 1kg

4)Don't dropship products the weight is very heavy and don't choose the products which
have battery,most of the ship don't support products have battery.

5)I'd suggest you hire some local carriers, they can help you ship from the factory to their place.

6)Also,there are many factories, not only sell products local china,they also sell products to the whole world, you can use the word '海外' to filter them, these factories can ship their products at their factory.

Yes, there are many tips to choose products from China sites,if you can find high profit products
just do it.I have many tips to write, but today I have no time to continue
Any question, leave comments and PM me
Hope my article can help you.

can you provide details of sourcing agent. Need a trusted and low cost shipping agent.


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Jun 1, 2018
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I'm also on the quest for reliable products and shippers. Currently, lots of people talk about this Fulfillman. Do you by chance give me some insights?


Mar 9, 2021
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hye im interested in discussing this further with you, cnt seem to be able to send you a pm, please send me a message via pm and i can


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Jun 14, 2019
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This is gold. I just found one of my products for close to 20% cheaper. Gotta find the rest now.


Dec 15, 2021
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This is very interesting.. dropshipper might know this.. I never knew there is a site that offers cheaper on Aliexpress and Alibaba..