[Method] Free Backlinks. Disclaimer: Manual emailing and low return rate.

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    Hi, gang.
    So this method is not 100% efficient ant takes time, but can give you some good backlinks, I've sent 17 emails and got 1 backlink from a decent source. Not bad but not something I'd do regularly.

    It came to mind after someone bumped a thread where I shared a method of buying domains that still rank for their keywords: http://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/bu...s-for-its-keywords.852130/page-2#post-9141220

    It's almost the same except for the final part and final result.

    I'm using Serpstat for all of these shenanigans, my plan costs $69 but they have one for $19 which should be enough. Also their support is really generous so you can just ask for a free trial, worked several times for me.

    Step 1.
    Get a list of expired domains. Unlike previous method, you don't have to bother with the price here, any domains will do, I'd even say that more expensive are better.

    Use any auction, I'm using godaddy here. !!! Set it to show 200 results.

    Step 2.
    Copy the list of 200 domains. I copied all page and pasted it into the spreadsheet and then copied the column with domains:

    Step 3.
    Paste domains into serpstat batch analysis tool and set it to find domains that still rank for some keywords. It's a good indicator that the domain is not a complete shit. You can also chose countries that you're interested in.


    sort results in descending order

    Step 4.
    Find sources of the expired domain's backlinks.
    You can use any backlink tool, serpstat has one so you can keep using it.
    Look fo the ones with good parameters.

    that was the easy part.

    Step 5. This is where it stops being fun.
    Contact webmasters of the domains you found and ask them to redirect the link to "your new website". Send them a link to "your" expired domain so they know their link isn't pointing to where it should. Then give them a link for redirect. Most will suspect bullshit and will tell you to f*ck off, that would be most of them, some just don't care.

    It could work better if you manage to find expired domains or donors from your niche.
    By the way, domain highlighted in my last screen is from adult niche, someone could use that ;)
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    I don't understand the contacting the owners i
    Of the domain part