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    Easy steps to make money using article writing-

    I must start with ? ?Content Is King?

    You for sure have read, here and there in few forums that content is king. It is also a fact that content marketing can rank a website better. That?s why there is a lot of importance given to articles. Every company that deals in White Hat SEO and has above 20 websites needs minimum 5X20 = 100 content a month, and maximum can?t be defined.

    Here, I am sharing a spoon feed method of article writing and making $200-600 or more a month.

    There may be a lot of things in your mind like-

    I am not a native guy and almost everyone looks for a native writer.

    English is the second language for me.

    I don?t know the English grammar. And, many such thoughts.

    Well, for this, it is not must to be a native speaker. If English is your second language then this is for you. At start, you are going to write article for Press Release, Web 2.0, Guest Post and similar tier one links and then you can write for few blogs too.
    What tools you need to start with?

    Translate.google.com - You can use this tool to translate your language in the English, it will help you to build a very good Vocabulary as well.

    Ginger - Ginger is a proof reading tool that reads your article according to the US or the UK style. It is free for trying, but you can use it as many time as you want for free. Put any email a disposable one, get it from fakenamegenerator.com and put a password, use it. You can download it from here ?

    Thesaurus.com- Find synonymous of the words from this site and get meaning too.

    Microsoft word- Yes, it is the best guide for writing something with proper article, prepositions and for finding proper synonyms too. Spelling correction can also be done with the help of this. Keyword usage can also be determined with the help of ?find? option.

    This is the best free tool for checking plagiarism. You can identify a duplicate content with the help of this tool and make it unique by changing your sentences.

    PDF movie scripts- Use some Hollywood PDF movie scripts, read them understand the way the native speakers talk and behave. Try to learn culture and the way they think, tackle the situations, this will for sure help you to become an expert in writing in long run.

    When, you get a keyword assigned to you for writing. Mostly, your clients will provide you instructions on what are the basics you have to focus on and about keyword density, placement of keywords etc. In case, you?re not informed, make sure you ask them what sort of article they are looking for, what they want in it, you can ask about the theme of that article as well.

    Now, you will need to find some blogs similar to the keyword assigned to you. So, for that you can go with search engines like ?Google blog search? and ?Duckduckgo?. After finding blogs read them, understand the way of writing, and then write everything in your own words without copying, use your creativity and get article done.
    Where to sell the articles, for what price?

    It totally depends upon your contacts and writing capabilities using above method. You get paid anything between $2-5 for small order and for bulk I guess $200-300 for hundred articles. BHW is the best market you can bid in ?Hire a Freelancer? section. You can join article writing groups in Facebook, Facebook can help you to get 5-10 jobs a day and you can make $10-20 by writing 5-6 articles a day. Make sure, you?ve samples ready before you bid. Write few samples on every niche, to present you as the strongest contender for the bid.

    And yes, a year back I too followed this to make some money from BHW the amazing forum. I?m thankful to Damien for creating this wonderful community.
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    @American Trends Thankx man.I really appreciate your method and tips.I will help new writers to write quality articles.