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[method] Earn good money on a daily basis

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by D3lux3, Mar 5, 2010.

  1. D3lux3

    D3lux3 Power Member

    Aug 22, 2009
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    Ok its copy/paste from my ebook found here:


    which sadly didnt get enough sales on DP anyhow I am giving it to you guys :)

    Most of you know that method pretty good but it might come handy to some of you :)


    1. Register to NEVERBLUE ads CPA affiliate program. To make your life easier regarding joining CPAs you can find usefull information at: http://blackhatworld.com (section: CPA check stickies). If for some reason you can't join neverblue I suggest you to join other good CPA programs such as copeac, hydra, maxbounty etc.

    1. Find »perfectmatch.com« offer at neverblue. It pays $6 per free signup that you get. If you are not a neverblue member try finding another »match« offer which pays good through your CPA program. I suggest you look for offers that do not require credit card input as part of the CPA offer.

    2. The hardest part of this blueprint is that you need to post on craiglist or other clasified ads sites (backpage.com/kiji/gumtree). You should generate leads through there, and there is also quite a few lead sellers on blackhatworld.com (take a look around). You can buy a lead for $0.05 a lead. Posting ads on backpage, kiji, gumtree isnt hard though.

    3. Your ads should look like and include this: You are searching for page review writers and you are willing to pay up to $30 for a review of an adult website.
    Feedback for ads will be huge so be prepared! :D
    By the way, reply to all the emails and try to sound as unique as possible for every email. You can use pre-prepared e-mails but I would at least use Dear »name«, so it looks more authentic.

    4. To look like a real company, I would suggest you make a website (I suggest you do it on wordpress) so you can show it to everyone especially if someone is asking for it. This can take some time, but with mimimum knowledge you can build a site. You can find site builders for $25 to $50 for simple a site creation and layout.

    5. Now, when you are generating leads and poeple are applying for the job, you say to them that you will pick only a few and that they need to pass a test. In this test they need to write a review of perfectmatch.com (which is by the way our offer). Their review needs to cover the signing procedure, what the menu items are, how hard it is to find girl/boy, etc...

    Sample of an email reply:
    Dear Theresa,

    Many thanks for your e-mail.

    Unfortunately, the position you applied to has already been filled,
    however having reviewed your Resume I would like to offer you a
    possibility of applying to our part-time Article and Review Writer

    If accepted for this position, you will need to provide independent
    reviews of websites designated by our clients. When receiving a review
    request, you will be given complete details on the expected review,
    including the approximate lenght and the important aspects to

    An average review consists of 300-400 words and takes approximately 1
    to 2 hours to complete, which includes the basic market research.

    The salary depends largely on the project but an average pay for a
    400-word review is $17-$23. This job is based on a freelance contract
    and your earnings will be paid either weekly via Direct Deposit or
    bi-weekly via PayPal.

    In order to get started, we require you to complete a sample review of
    a website of one of our clients. Please feel free to blank out some
    important parts in your review if you're worried about the sample
    review being used for business activities.

    If you wish to proceed, please visit the following link to see the
    reviewable website: yourlink

    When writing your review, please concentrate on and evaluate the
    following areas of the website: General Look and Feel, the Sign Up
    Process, Navigational Aspects.
    Please reply to this e-mail, attaching your 300-400 word review, after
    which we will evaluate your review within 72 hours and if deemed
    suitable, we will contact you to arrange a telephone interview.

    Best Regards,
    Anne Morris

    Assistant HR Manager
    Content Creators & Co.
    6. Now when they are writing you back with their reviews, you have already made $6 for everyone that has signed up, and now you need to tell them that they were not accepted because you are not satisfied with the sample review they provided.

    7. The best part: You tell them your standards are really high, but you can suggest that they go to your »friend« which director can be your brother or something :p.
    Go signup at maxbounty.com (CPA) and look for their offer called »freelance home writers«. It pays $18 for every signup. It requires a credit card but if you get 1 out of 10 to register, it pays out!

    So let us do a little math:
    If you buy 1000 email leads for $50, snd lets pick a conversion rate of 15% (in my case it was 30%). You get 150*$6=$900. And if every 20th signups for the $18 offer thats another $135. Total that is $1035 - $50 for leads which comes out to just below $1000. If you find someone to outsorce email replying to, you could do that in a day or even more!

    Another good twist I found on this method is that you can get leads from W4M (women looking for men) sections on clasifieds. You get leads of horny guys wanting to know you (as a girl ;)). You reply to them in mail that you wanted to stay safe because of all the wierd people out there so you want him to register at perfectmatch.com in order to get your pictures and other information. You tell them your username so they can find you, which of cource is not real :D.
    Another thing is that you are christian and you are looking for christian singles via classified sites. They will again mail you like crazy. You say to them that you want them to register at this »christian perfectmatch.com offer« for more information, pictures, address etc.

    - Blank a refferer of your offer at perfect match and even writers offer (How to do that ? refferer.us and choose blank the refferer or setup your own double meta refresh, more about that can be found on blackhatworld.com)
    - I suggest you stay safe and make max $200 a day per CPA, however, if you are steering for more you may buy CPA accounts and use multiple accounts.
    - Buying junk traffic to your offer will keep you under the radar. Keep your conversion low.
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  2. cocaco

    cocaco Regular Member

    Oct 6, 2009
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    for start real nice but always don't forget to twist the methods
  3. Sheen91

    Sheen91 Regular Member

    Dec 2, 2008
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    Not groundbreaking news as you have heard from the above posts, but definitely worth a thanks for the work put the thread.
  4. Zozja

    Zozja Registered Member

    Aug 31, 2009
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    Good one. Simple and easy to execute. It's nice you give examples of specific offers to use with the method. Thanks.

  5. rogerbuecker

    rogerbuecker Newbie

    May 11, 2009
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    I use this Methode with two Twist

    1: Iám searching for a Babysitter for my disable kid (video on my private community profile)
    2: I want to give away my Notebook, but my email account was hacked so contact me in a browsergame aff-id

    works good for me and gives me an 20-50$ per day...