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    Hey everyone!
    This is the very first method I share here, so please be kind :p

    This method is about creating an email list and expire your business step by step.
    Let's start from scratch:

    Step 1: Pick a niche
    For this method, it's best to pick an evergreen niche, because it takes time to build a quality email list and you don't want the market to be saturated when you are ready to rake in the cash.
    Dating, fitness, IM, earn money from home... you name it.
    Having knowledge and experience in this niche always helps!

    Step 2: Chose an email marketing provider
    You will need a provider that allows you to set up an auto responder, create follow up emails and broadcast to your list
    I have chosen aweber, because they offer a 1$ trial + I heard good things about them.
    If you like this method, say thanks by using my affiliate link http://www.aweber.com/?412629, if you don't care about me, use this one www.aweber.com.

    Step 3: Write an ebook
    People won't give you their email address for free, so offer something in exchange.
    For me, an ebook worked! Download a bunch of ebooks related to your niche, read and understand them, sum them up in about 10 or more pages, put your name on them and give it a nice design.
    Add a link to your squeeze page (you will create it in step 6).
    Upload this ebook and save the download link.

    Step 4: Set up Aweber
    In aweber, you can create a web form that allows the visitor to enter his email address and name and whatever else you want to know.
    Afterwards this visitors details are put into a list that you have access too.
    When designing the web form, remember the niche you are in and make it relevant to the visitors interests.

    Create a confirmation email for everyone who enters your list and insert the download link to your free ebook!

    Step 5: Create a squeeze page
    A squeeze page is a website that allows visitors to enter their email address.
    There are a bunch of wordpress themes who do the work.
    On top, you can google "free squeezepage designer" or something like that and you will find a lot of useful websites!
    If you are willing to invest some money, you can order one from designers in the BST section!

    A good squeeze page got a catchy design, focuses the visitors attention on the email entry form and gives a teaser about what the reader will receive in exchange for his email address.
    Show them the first page ebook, so they know it exists.
    In case you need hosting, I am using hostgator. They offer hosting for something around 4$!
    If you want to say thanks for my method, use this affiliate link: http://secure.hostgator.com/~affiliat/cgi-bin/affiliates/clickthru.cgi?id=Liaata

    Step 6: Get traffic
    There are 1 million ways to generate traffic and there are already plenty of threads that can help you to get decent traffic, so I will make this short.

    Free traffic: Social networks (facebook, twitter, instagram...), forums, Q&A, blogs, social media (reddit, stumbleupon....)...
    Paid traffic: PPC, PPV, CPA, solo ads.....

    Step 7: Get in contact with your list
    Now that you captured the email addresses of numerous people, it is time to send them useful information they are looking for!
    Let's say you are in the dating niche, send them nice youtube videos, useful forum posts or show them blogs related to their problem.
    Build a relationship with them. They should get to know you and be happy if they see an email from you in their inbox!
    My suggestion is to send them free stuff every second day! It takes maximum 30 minutes to find some content, read it and share it with your list!

    Step 8: Monetize your list
    There are a lot of ways to monetize an email list and I want you to add your own twist.
    I am just leaving a few suggestions:
    -Send visitors to a website you own
    -Sell solo ads
    -Send out affiliate links
    -Sell the list

    Step 9: Grow a brand
    When your list gets bigger and bigger, maybe it is time to take the next step.
    Build a blog, a facebook fanpage, a twitter account in the same niche as your email list is and notice them about it.
    Convert your loyal email subscribers to facebook fans, twitter followers, blog readers and use this to expand your audience!

    Owning such a list is worth a lot.
    You will have targeted optin email subscribers and you will be able to send them where ever you want!
    This list will be your property and it will give you a steady income. If you keep working on it, it will constantly grow and your income will do the same!

    This method takes some time and work, but in the end, you will be able to collect the fruits of your hard work!
    I hope you like the method. Have a nice day and stay motivated to work your way up!
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    200 views and not even a flame? :/
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    Bro its a very common method and maximum people know that who are here......... its not much easy as you describe. You said about forwarding traffic from different place(fb,twitter...), Do you know how much difficult is that ? Thanks anyway for your writing.......
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    for me this was utterly useful, ive been in the affiliate marketing games for several years now, and not all of us use the same methods, so this is for me a new thing, and like OP says, add it your own twist. this is where everything radicates, its not about the method but about the way you do the method

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    Not really a new method, it has been shared here lots of times. But still I appreciate the time you took to write this up!
    Elaborating more on the traffic generation methods would make the your thread more valuable, as that is the hardest part.