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    ---- THREAD CLOSED 06/23/2013 ----
    Connect Your WordPress Blog with Social Media Accounts to Post Automatically Whenever You Post in Your Blog

    Posts Updates to Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter & Tumblr Automatically
    Quick 3-Minute Process ? Using Free Tools

    If you use WordPress to power your website or blog, then this is report is going
    to help you take your WordPress to NEXT level in broadcasting your message!
    Social Media is very important, and posting quick updates, relevant content and
    tips on those social channels is very important. But it is very tedious to login to
    each social network and post to each network every day.
    How about set & forget system? Would you love to automate it so whenever
    you post in WordPress, all your social accounts in all networks gets updated

    Summary of the Steps:
    1. Install and activate the plugin
    2. Create the WP.com account. Link the Plugin to WP.com account
    4. Connect JetPack Publicize to Social Accounts

    Now I explain it in detail below:

    1.Install & Activate JetPack Plugin

    You will have already installed a free plugin by official guys of WordPress called
    JetPACK, if you do not have it already installed. You can search for ?JetPack? in
    plugins install screen, and from there you can install and activate it. If it is
    already installed, you just need to activate it.

    2. Create WP.com Account
    You need Wordpress.com account to use this plugin, if you already have
    WP.com account, you can skip this step and move to step#3. If you do not
    have this account already, no worries, it?s easy, free, and you only need an
    email address.

    Go to this link https://signup.wordpress.com/signup/?user=1s shown in above form, just fill in the email, username, pass and signup! Keep
    password handy, and also you may keep logged into WP.com as you need to be
    logged in to wp.com to do the next step. Please double check your email, they will ask
    you to VERIFY it in a confirmation email before your account is activated.

    3. Connect JetPack with WP.com Account
    When you click on the Connect WordPress.com button, after you have logged
    into WP.com, they will ask you if you want to ?Authorize JetPack?, click Yes
    Authorize JetPack to connect with your WordPress.com account.reat! You have JetPack, its ready! It has so many features but let?s not get
    distracted and keep focused on our goal, move to step #4.

    4. JetPack Publicize Module Connects with Social World
    When step#3 is complete, you will see good banner like below showing that its
    connect to WP.com. Now is time to focus on Publicize Module, which enables us
    to connect with all Social Profiles. Click on Configure Button

    Now, here you can connect one by one.. For Facebook click on the first link ?Add New Facebook Connection?, it
    takes to your Facebook account, and you need to be logged in, or it will
    ask you to login. When you are logged in, it will give you option to choose
    to post to your Facebook Profile or Select FB Page (Note: You can choose
    just one option, either your PAGE or Profile, you cannot use both)

    Repeat the above step for all networks you want to connect with.

    I have not used YAHOO account, but they say it posts to your YAHOO

    You will see G+ (GooglePlus) is missing!!! They say it is not the negligence
    from WordPress?s part. It is Google, which does not allow any automated
    posting. Google?s API does not allow this. They say, you have to manually
    login to G+ and Post there manually!

    That is it for now! You can simply make a small post. And you will see it appear
    on all your social accounts. Wow I remember how happy my real estate friend
    was when he saw that first post spread on all those channels. He does not have
    to post one by one to all social channels! Awesome, set & forget system!
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