[METHOD] Best Way to Start your Business with NO MONEY

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    I came to this forum, with quite a bit of knowledge in the IT field. I have worked on computers since I was 11 years old. Now, i am heavily into graphic design and website development, with a learning curve that keeps me going and keeps me motivated to do and be more.

    Blackhatworld, has been a blessing, maybe in disguise, but a blessing nonetheless.

    This method is going to be for my 100th post, and since it is only my 100th post, it will be the startup/noob method for you... and yes, I can provide proof of earnings if you would like. Let's get to the method. As some of you know, its hard to make money in the IM field, and it can take a lot of time, so I am going to show you how to speed that a long a little bit.

    First off, Figure out what you like to do, and make a list of it. Whether you like to work on your car, or play house, it doesn't matter. This is most likely what you will make the most money doing, or being.

    Head over to the Items for Sale section, to your left here, and start checking out some of the decent programs that bhw members has to offer, as well, the services that they have in the Services sections.
    That is what your motivation is going to be. Choose something, or a few somethings, and make it your goal to make enough money to buy whatever it is.

    Lets say you want a $97 service / program , you need to make that money to get that program.

    now, don't get confused here, you want something that is going to help you profit temporarily, and ill tell you why. because you have a bigger goal that you are working towards, not just profit, but success.

    After having your motivation, I want you to go over to the Freelancer section and start finding gigs that you can do and are efficient at. There is plenty of work

    Photoshop work, videos, graphic design, programming, hell, even just helping someone else out that is fairly new to the IM world.

    Granted, you may spend 3 hours on a banner for someone, and only get paid $15 bucks, but thats $15 bucks that you have in your pocket.

    Thats only $82 to go now. Repeat this, over and over, until you can afford to move into the IM field that you want, or something that can further your career.

    This method, should be second nature, I know, but people tend to feel the need to jump into the shark pool head first, and get no where.

    Don't go after gigs that you can do, or don't know anything about, because then you are just wasting your own time and the clients time.

    If you can't find anything in the gigs sections, expand your search... there are plenty of classified sites out there like craigslist...

    which brings me to my next tip. Don't ever....EVER! just look in one city/state for gigs. If they say local only, sure, go ahead and pass that gig up, because your not local if you life in texas and are trying to get a gig in Hawaii.

    Short, Sweet, and to the point.

    Thank You Black Hat World

    Micromanaging is just as important as Macromanaging
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