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[Method] A little method how to quickly get targeted list of people on Facebook

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by xRAYPEST, Mar 24, 2016.



    Nov 29, 2014
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    Hi, I dont know if this method very common and known by all or very lame but i just wanted to share it since it has helped me QUICKLY gain friends and all of them were targeted. Also, this also might be based on luck but I just felt like sharing it, no hate pls.

    What i did was, like every other marketer joined a few groups that i targeted. Now, not everyone in that group is always active. What i did was, added all the FAKE looking accounts. Yes, thats right, all the fake accounts. Most of them are automated account and they dont check who they are adding. They also accept you since its automated.

    Once you get in their friendlist, you can add people from their friend list since that account is also targeting the same niche as you are, Sometimes, these accounts hide their friend lists. THen you can check their likes on photos etc.

    Now, the best part - Many of these accounts transfer all their friends to a group so that they have a list safe and secured even if their acc is banned. Guess what? You get into that group too! You can add all the members from that group, scrape using a software and make it all automated and just sit back and relax.

    I got added in total of 10 NEW groups with over 100k members, all freshly added. I was targeting horny germans, swiss and austrian. I got each one of them in that group. Now, i can use a scraper (i use facebook dominator) and add all of these 100k members to my numerous acccounts and just make $$$ although, im still getting used to FBDominator so, its all manual adding for now. I have an account with 1k friends from that group and they all interact very well.

    I dont know if this can work with other niche as well but it sure works for adult audience. I have 10 groups ready to be scraped and added.

    I just wanted to share a little bit of knowledge that i gained in my little journey so far. This forum has taught me a lot so i thought i can share a tiny info here, too!

    Thank you for reading! Hope it helps.
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  2. VeeGeeN

    VeeGeeN Regular Member

    Mar 8, 2016
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    Or just post good content on a group consistently, grow your name if manually and you'll see who the real accounts are. Once they know your name they will accept your Friend Request with no problems. They will like everything you post as well regarding said niche. You know this already because they're been liking your stuff in a group.

    You're searching the type of people who share, like and comment on everything.

    Also to keep a list backup via Yahoo Mail and then Yahoo Mail to your Gmail account. From there you can add to Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and anything else that requires an email. I imported to my Phone and used my personal targetted list to add said friends to every network I could find.