[Method 18+] Bank ~$100/day in the adult niche


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Apr 24, 2010
I used this method long ago to promote xProfiles.com (which has the same owner as chaturbate) but
I didn't have the right tools and enough $$ to invest so I didn't get to much out of it but I saw the
potential and now thanks to cooldude7's thread I remembered about it and thought to give it a second shot.
It is basically almost the same method only with a few twists applied and scaled up a bit.
Realistically speaking, depending on how much you work/invest this should make you anywhere
between $50 to $150 a day and on some good days even more.

If you want to know why I'm giving it away see this thread.

The method:

1. Get an adult related .com domain - like cooldude7 said it's better to have "chat" , "webcam(s)" or "cam(s)" in it.
Use this tool to find the available domains.

2. You need a 210x65 pixels .png logo with transparent background and your domain.com on it - for this use photoshop or http://pixlr.com/

3. Make an affiliate account at Chaturbate.com if you haven't done it already.

4. Go to White Labels inside your chaturbate aff account and setup your site.
In the "Chaturbate alias" field write YOURDOMAIN without the .com
(so if your domain is mycam.com you just write "mycam")
In the "Site name" field write YOURDOMAIN.COM
In the "Logo" field upload the image you created in step 2
Complete all the other fields as you see fit, you can always edit or make a new one later anyway.

5. Redirect your domain from step 1 to http://YOURDOMAIN.chaturbate.com/

When all the above steps are done you should have your own cam site with your logo and everything.

6. Go to myfreecams.com or chaturbate.com and use a screen recorder to record around 10 5+minutes cam shows.
Look for those who don't have a watermark already.
To do this is better to use the FastStone Capture software. I say it is 100 times better than Camtasia, it instantly
saves the video in .wmv format and it's very light on your CPU and you can also use it to watermark
the vids with your logo after you finish recording.
Look on filecrop.com for it.

7. If you don't have $ to invest right now just google for "top 10 adult tube sites" and manually make
some accounts then keep a tab opened in your browser for each tube site you want
to upload and upload your videos one by one there.

8. For those who want to invest, if you don't have dynamic IP get some pvt proxies
(I got 20 from IPXPRT and worked well for me) and make a $30/mo subscription to
(AVS) Advanced Video Submitter PRO - ADULT Version.
What this tool does is will make accounts to over 200 adult tube sites then verify the
accounts by clicking the link from e-mail and then upload your videos to
those sites (with captcha and everything at no extra $).

VPS View_image_avs_accounts_2013_05_17_18_33_51.jpg PC View_image_avs_succes_uplded_2013_05_17_18_58_23.jpg

Now of course not all videos will be successfully uploaded to all accounts every time because
from time to time some sites change and may require some manual intervention or throw
errors or be down etc. but if you don't want to interfere in the uploading process at all and
just let it on full auto and with a good upload speed in around 2 hours it will successfully
upload your video to anywhere between 130 - 160 sites.

Do the math: 10 videos/day x 150 sites = 1500 videos uploaded/day

2-300 of those will be deleted for various reasons (watermark to big, video to short/long, poor quality etc)
but you are still left with over 1000 videos uploaded per day.

9. For those who want to get even more money -
what I did is I got some pvt proxies and a VPS (the $35 one from hostamus works well, look in BST)
and uploaded from the VPS too. 20 videos/day recorded, watermarked and uploaded to ~ 150 sites.
10 from PC and 10 from VPS which means around 3000 videos uploaded every day.

10. And for those who really want to milk the hell out of this you can go a step even further and
buy some credits for the Premium version of AVS and upload 10 more videos per day using their own servers.

PC 1500 + VPS 1500 + Premium 1500
That's roughly around 4500 videos uploaded every day.

Here's something else that works pretty well too but it requires a little more work.
You can also go for PPS with this so it can be considered a separate method if you wish:

1. Go to chaturbate and look for broadcasters who make shows regularly or have a
certain hour in the day when they are most likely to be online.
For example there is this 18 YO girl (maleja69) who clearly states in her profile that
she's online only on mondays, thursdays and fridays from 1 AM GMT+2 when her parents
are not home and she makes all kinds of cream, spankings, school girl shows
and all the pedofiles on Chaturbate go nuts when she's online.

2.Make a wordpress site, install quick-pagepost-redirect-plugin, change permalinks to "Post Name",
make a page and name it maleja69.

3.Get any of your chaturbate PPS aff links and add "&room=maleja69" at the end of it.

4.Redirect your WP page to your affiliate link that you just created:
yourwebsite.com/maleja69 ===redirect==> chaturbate.com/affiliates/blahblah&room=maleja69

5.Record some of her shows and put a watermark somewhere in the videos
saying "watch me broadcasting live at yourwebsite.com/maleja69 on monday, thursday, friday from 1 AM" .

6.Spread the videos around tube sites and wait for the money to come home.
Even if they land on her page and she's not online they'll see her profile and
schedule and they will come back for her.

7. Look for more broadcasters and repeat the steps.

There is no any other traffic more targeted than this !

At first I wanted to throw in my chaturbate or AVS affiliate link because
with AVS there is a little learning curve so I expect a lot of PM's asking how
to set it up but since the rules say we can only post aff links in
the "Affiliate Programs" section I'll just go without.

That's it! Have fun !
ah again tubes :p well already tubes started kicking out cam videos massively and some even started passing ips of pirates. well lets see how it gotta be soon ;)
i assume some of the steps u've mentioned from creating a gif with ur sitename and adding ur site to the whitlelabel on chaturbate...ect is just to have your sitename as the logo of the site, other than that you can just directly redirect your site to your affiliate link from ur domain name control panel
Are the domain names
shyutza.com and howtodatewebcammodels.com good for this method?
Hm TBH none of them sounds like a real cam website. maybe you can try with shyutza but howtodatewebcammodels sound more like a WSO IMO.
I guess you'll never know unless you test.

AVS - adult version no longer exists , it was moved to a paid method, correct?
AVS Adult still exists. There was a free versions of it but it's no longer available.

There is no way I am able to upload 1500 over my home connection.
Or am I missing something here?
If your upl speed is slow you can increase the time period between uploading sessions or get a VPS.

i assume some of the steps u've mentioned from creating a gif with ur sitename and adding ur site to the whitlelabel on chaturbate...ect is just to have your sitename as the logo of the site, other than that you can just directly redirect your site to your affiliate link from ur domain name control panel
Yes that's right but I like to go for the quality as much as possible so once you have the domain I don't see why you
shouldn't spend another 10 minutes and use the white label to make it look more real and increase the conv. rate.
btw. it's a png not a gif.
I have good domain for this...i`m gonna give it a try tomorrow and set it up and let you know how it worked.
domain name MilfsFree.com ...you think its gonna work?
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