Meta keywords tag, however unimportant, is worth getting right, right?

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by mutatedllama, Sep 2, 2011.

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    Even if it has a very little weight on your ranking for something I think it's important to get right, so I have a question for anyone with experience.

    Say I'm trying to rank for a few different phrases. Do I put those whole phrases without commas in the keyword tag, ie:

    meta name="keywords" content="keyword phrase number one, keyword phrase number 2, keyword phrase number 3 with a couple of words from phrase 1"

    Or should I separate every word by a comma, for example:

    meta name="keywords" content="keyword, phrase, number, one, keyword, phrase, number 2, keyword, phrase, number, 3, with, a, couple, of, words, from, phrase, 1"

    I realise this will make very little difference but for the sake of a couple of minutes I might as well get it right. I had a little search on Google but most posts were from ~2003.
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    I would say it is best to list the full terms separated by commas, but also if individual keywords within those key terms are relevant in their own right, list them as well.

    For example if your long-tail term is "football grounds in the UK" you could list:

    football grounds in the UK, football, football grounds

    -Meta keywords is a rudimentary indexing system, so in theory its whatever you want your site to be found under.

    BUT as you said, it has VERY LITTLE relevance now, possibly even no relevance other than another occurrence of your keyword maybe?
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    I think it has no relevance at all now. But since you never know with big G, I'd do just the words.