Messing about is a laugh


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Aug 13, 2008
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As many people here know, I am not a natural IMer but I like to select a few methods from here and run with it for a week or so just to see what happens behind the scenes.

Anyway, I have played with a few email submits with Cakeslice to see what I could do.

I then latched onto Facebook and picked one of the many crappy apps (sorority sister) that people are going mad over and put together a couple of page website (a subdirectory off of my main domain) and then put a couple of links to the page in the app group pages.

So it went fine, earned a few $$ from the links but today, looking through my domain logs I see that I am getting quite a few visits from Google users.

Dug a bit deeper and I am top of the pile (remember its a crap website that was put together in 5 minutes and only targets US people!) for the search term 'free sorority life sisters'.

Made me chuckle and made a few more $$ from it.

So thanks to the guys who share their stuff here, it does work even to a relative new boy like me!