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Dec 17, 2013
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To my loyal members like you,

Quite a year, wasn’t it?

Together, I celebrate my 5th-year completion here in this along with you people.


Thank you. Thank you for allowing us to be your sanctuary.​

Why compose now? (Purpose of coming back to you)
This is not a guide or information. It is also not a piece of advice. Instead, it is a timeline collection, I gathered through my time here. (Rise to Fall and Gonna RISE again ). The stuff may not seem extraordinary. But, essentially it is the reason behind my simple experiences, which according to me, is quite important.

Also, I am NO writer and even though I may have missed a comma or used a grammatical incorrection formation, as long as I can convey my message to the BHW world. I would be glad.

And Who am I?
My name's Ramanan. I ailed from Chennai, my favorite city in India and was brought up in a middle-class family. I studied Visual Communication and started my career as Inbound Marketing (SEO, Content Marketing, Blogging, and Social Media).

The BHW Inspiration:
I was standing in a vast empty grassland, under a clear blue sky. A short time in empty grassland brought me out of it and pushed me towards my dream - of being a marketer.

So many learnings from Authors, Blogs, Webinars and much more. I could hear myself breath and I could hear myself think. Where to start? That time one of my well wisher told me about BHW (Black Hat World). So, I have joined here Dec 17, 2013, as a Ramanan Marshall (Username).

After joining here, I had read all posts, rules and conditions and much more. Then, started "Introduction Thread" on Jan 2nd. (

"Welcome to BHW! :)", I heard a distant voice from @extreme90.

Coming back forum to the learning and yet something was a different experience. I have shared so many information, conversation with other loyal members (Newbies, Juniors, and Seniors).

June 2014: My first thread started on Link Building Section and Content Writing Section. Ah! It mean....It means. Single Man Show." I had some small profit margin and started service on here.

Then, "Massive Responses" from both services and Giving back with more FREEBIES like Blog Posts, Content Writing, Website Audit, and Social Media Promotions.

Turning Point:
"Turning Point? Really? Yes, it is!!"​

Decided to start a Keyword Research Service and same time Niche Keywords Giveaway for BHW members.

So, I had started Oct month and got a massive response from both threads and more feedback review, Wouldn’t it be awesome if the only feedback we got from newbies was glowing? Unfortunately, for most BHW members, feedback is a pretty positive compared with negative.


Then, I have so many keywords (Amazon, Micro Niche and Custom Keywords) to our BHW members.
Then, I have started as "KeywordSpot" firm and Changed my username as "KeywordSpot"
"Oh! Thank god... let's go back to work again" Excitement in my eyes. Relax!

An Unexpected Drop:
Then, I have started so many threads (Amazon Niche, Blog Posts, Guest Post and much more). I can't handle as a single person. The days were not marked as successful weekdays or weekends.

I had no destination. I had no plan.

My worries were "How to solve this?" "Is this the correct way to get success?" or "Can we set up an office and hire some employee?"

Started setup an office with NO fear... only the constant excitement... a thrill of a new destination. But I had made a big mistake hiring the employee. It was still early morning and I was standing at the front of my office and thinking about growth with little fear.


"I've learned that fear limits you and your vision." Seriously this quote suits for me.

At the same time, I had problems with my family, and I started thinking it was time to move on from unnecessary frustration. Even I gave very bad customer support, Shutdown'd my office, Got so many negative feedback from customers regarding Bad support.

I didn't exactly know where to go, but the solution seemed like a nice come back to start.


Rise Again:
I pushed back to the life under the sharp sun. Now, I have limited threads on here and Ready to support as a good person.

And, I want to extend my sincerest apologies for the negative experience that you had with my customer service. Should you need help in the future, please do not hesitate to contact me directly, as I will be very happy to assist you personally with anything you need.

"I grew up everyone knows me..." "I can't live without BHW"


Whatever happens to throw your FEAR of Failures, Laziness. Come back with more strength, Win the day!.

Just I have shared my little experience on here. Thanks to each and every loyal members, moderators (@Apricot @BassTrackerBoats @davids355 @MisterF @WizGizmo @SoccerLover )

Note: There is NO promotion or Affiliate links. If any mistake, please edit asap.

Thank you again. And welcome!
Happy Christmas & New Year

" To my loyal members like you"
How much did bhw cost you? What plans do you have for your loyal members in 2019?
Awesome! Congrats and Happy BHW Birthday

Any keywords Freebies for us kiddos here? :D
From all the forums I have found and interacted in my years of IM. This is the one that fits me the best.
Of course, there is much stuff that is pointless in IM when you do Blackhat. But many good IM interact here to know the limitations of each network. Eventually, that turns to be more interesting.

It is a pleasure to meet you Ramanan.
I have a girlfriend and she always ask me "What is that yellow-black site about?", and I always reply "This is like a Facebook for me, or Instagram"... And exact this night I was talking with her how much this forum changed my life, this forum is actually the reason why I am here and I can really say that it is important part of my life.

Marry xmass brother!
Merry Christmas to you Ramanan and to everyone reading this thread.
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