Merging 2 sites to a new domain - Couple of questions

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    Hey all

    I've had 2 sites since 2013 & 2014.

    I've got a 3rd domain which i bought in 2013.

    Im basically merging my 2 existing live sites onto my 3rd domain.

    The 3rd domain is the version of a site i've already got live.

    Ive never hosted anything on the 3rd domain but ive had the domain bought since 2013.

    Im going to use wordpress on it - with a different theme to my existing sites.

    My plan has been to copy and paste all the worthwhile articles that are on my existing sites, update them, make the formatting better and edit the content just to update it a little bit and make it (hopefully) better.

    My plan has been to just manually copy and paste every article from the wordpress CMS of my old sites to my new ones, edit them, then set them live then put a 301 from my old article to my new one.

    I'll eventually have every page from my existing 2 sites redirect to my new one.

    Is there a "best practice" or a "best way" to carry out this task?

    Thanks in advance.
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    First think if you really want to merge them. Is there actually anything wrong with maintaining 3 sites? For example Google limits you to 2 results per search per domain on page one. If your 3 websites each targeted the same keywords with unique content you could claim as many as 6 results on page one for a keyword. After the merge the most you could achieve is 2. Before one of my clients merged 15 stores into one we used to get between 7-15 results (organic and paid) on page 1 for many of our keywords. Now we get 2 (but combining did improve our ComScore numbers which makes it easier to sell advertising so we traded organic reach for PPC).

    Also not all related content belongs on the same website. I like to use the poker table store example. Guy selling poker tables in an online store should also have a site about playing poker with rules and tutorials. He should also have a man cave blog about perfecting the experience around the poker table. But those should not be merged into one site. They are related and can honestly cross link where appropriate and he can advertise his tables all over them and all three will grow into valuable marketing assets.

    Having the different properties allows you to make edgy content in appropriate areas that advertises the poker tables. Then you can promote the edgy content in social which is a decent way to get fast traffic while getting systematic link building at the same time from the content.

    If you do merge then
    • Make backups of everything first
    • Canonical URLs on every page of all 3 sites to the new site's version of each URL
    • Update sitemaps and feeds and ad links that you currently have published
    • Resubmit old sitemaps after your content is redirect to the new site to help search engines discover changes quickly.
    • Make sure your redirects handle www/non-www and HTTP/HTTPS and trailing slash conditions properly
    • Update your social profiles if you are keeping those.
    • Forward support email to new accounts or set up autoresponders.
    • If you can try to keep the same URL structure... much easier to migrate when you do.
    • Reach out to everyone to update their links to your site.
    • Use Google's change of address form
    • Setup GA and GSC for new site
    • Submit sitemap for new site