Merge All of Your Duplicate Gmail Contacts With One Click

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    Google Mail now has a "find duplicates" function in their contacts app.

    Gmail has an array of useful and unique features that have really made e-mail a slightly more pleasurable experience (or more aptly, a less painful one). We love the fact that you can undo sent messages, stop yourself from e-mailing the wrong person, and customize your navigation bar.

    While those are great features, a new feature Google (Google) released today solves a problem that I and many, many others have: the ability to merge all of your duplicate contacts.

    If you e-mail enough people, you?ll find multiple listings for your friends and businesses partners, especially if they have multiple e-mail addresses. If this clutter problem bothers you as much as it bothers me, all you have to do now is click the ?find duplicates? button in Google Contact Manager. As I can attest to, the process is extraordinarily painless, efficient, and fast.