Merge a complete HTML site into a CMS System

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    Hi All,

    i have a 7 page HTML/php site

    The main content is from different authors posting things on the site (maybe once a week)

    The way i have created the site is hard coding it, so that if someone wants to make an update, then they must contact myself and i must go into the code itself and add the new post in.

    What i am after, is getting an admin system on the backend of the site which when logged in, lets different authors access their own content and can update it from their - without the need to go into the actual code of the page to edit things.

    I know plenty of CMS systems exist, but not sure how you would go about linking a normal HTML site into a cms system.

    If interested please PM me along with a similar example you have done. if no examples, but you know you can do it, please post a bit od detail into your PM to give me confidence.

    Forgot to mention that this site is a membership site. It doesnt charge, but does require email address activation for users to get access to "experts" posts

    Many thanks
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    My sites come with a built in CMS maybe we can rebuild yours?