Merchant accounts for any type of business

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    I have posted many times about merchant accounts and merchant processing. This is not the official follow up I was going to do. However, I have found a processing solution that I am using right now that has been able to come through every time. They can process for ANY BUSINESS type, now they do want some initial information etc. They still need to make sure you are selling a product and not just running credit cards and collecting money.

    If you are serious (only) pls Skype me at max.newhall (Los Angeles) and note that you are from BHW. If you are not a person who response back in time then don't Skype me, serious only.

    Processing and fees are all determined on the business type, everything will be clearly laid out before starting. They can set up accounts in 3 days with min amount of paper work etc from your end.
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    2 of peoples skyped you and you set them up with processing. I want to adopt a similar business model as they currently have. Can you PM for details? I understand you are doing a weekly pay out, can we set that up also or something similar?