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Apr 6, 2007
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ok. this is for mainly the noobs and so on.


if you have downloads then post the url yes. but code them so they r not clickable links.

leaving the links live is leaving a trail back to this forum. and asking for trouble. i see it all the time here now. new members posting live links to downloads. then saying oh link dont work.

well i wander why?

use the code tag when posting. if you dont know how to code then follow this.

post ur link to download.

remove tt from http and replace with xx

highlight the url u just posted

then press the # icon in the message posting box to code your links.

thats it. links coded and not clickable.

now guys this is not too much to ask is it? or is it?
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I'm a bit of a noob and i don't mind the reminder. :) Really though, people should be able to figure this out just by hanging out on the forum a bit and seeing how things work before they post anything. It's not that hard. Thanks for the informations though and tolerating us noobs. We all want to make money and help others do the same, right?
Agree with what your saying but I think there should be a safety precaution in case people don't read the rules or listen to any of them. A mod/plugin that converts all live links and redirects them to a redirecting site would be the best bet.
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