Megasite 40,000 indexed pages & 0 traffic

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by tacopalypse, Jun 25, 2010.

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    i thought i'd write about a little experiment i tried a while back and maybe get some feedback on it.

    january 2010:
    i downloaded 100,000 plr article pack from a thread in the downloads section. then i wrote a program to generate a html page from each article, while preserving the folder structure so everything was still organized nicely. every article page also had 10 random links to other related articles, so very dense insite linking.

    i put the whole thing on a domain, pinged it, and submitted the sitemap to google. got the domain indexed in a few days, and more and more article pages were gradually getting indexed over the next 2 months till about 8000 pages were indexed.

    then a massive de-indexing happened and i only had about 200 pages indexed afterwards. i just let it sit there, and about 3 months after that, i have 40,000 pages indexed somehow (current status). however i'm getting no traffic whatsoever, and i'm guessing it's due to the following reasons:

    i did no off-site seo whatsoever. i wouldn't really know how to for a site that massive.
    articles were duplicate content, which just got buried under all the other duplicate content in the serps.
    articles weren't targeting any keywords.

    wellp, that's pretty much it. feel free to chime in with any thoughts on this whole thing :)
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    I would say the articles being duplicate content and not targetting keywords is the biggest problem. With not alot of backlinking and no target keywords you won't be able to rank well on google to generate traffic. Even ranking for longtail keywords from some of your articles will help.

    I'm still new here too, so I am no pro. But that is my $.02
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    Its basically spam issue, I think.
    From my experience, I wrote a free file hosts search script, and created 2 websites out of it. First one got to 8.000 visits per day, second got to 2.000.
    But, both had same issues as yours did. Massive indexing, then massive deindexing, then:

    a) first one got traffic back
    b) second one did not (from 2k to 40-50 visitors per day)

    Now, it's all about authority and backlinking. When you spam google with zillions of pages, you need to be very relevant to survive deindexing, in my opinion. Like, take a look at, for example, some webs of your niche that have many pages and try "" query to see how many indexed urls they have.
    I bet more than 5x than you do (ok, maybe a bad example, but I could in my case compare to any famous "music search" or "file search" site, which has millions of urls indexed unlike my second site).

    Anyway, once the damage is done, from my experience, you can throw away domain.
    Plus, dupe content also is a big G penalty, you know that already, so you combined really tricky trick here :)
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    I did something similar to this, but went another way instead.

    I was going send in massive amounts of traffic from twitter and facebook and still plan on, but a strange thing happened. I started looking through the articles and found some very nichey looking topics, so out of interest, I checked some of them and low and behold I found a lot of them had no real competition and would be easy to rank for.

    So now what I do is I find one of the niche topics every day, rewrite it, post it into directory I called just articles so the keyword stays close to the domain and then blast it with social bookmarking and scrapebox. Then i find another informative post like weight loss or get rich or something and update all my fanpages, friends and followers with that. Its kind of a best of both worlds approach, ranking some articles, and then supplementing the site with social networking.
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    Sandboxing... Duplicate content.. Google honeymoon.. Whatever you need to call it
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    I got a shopping comparison site with more then few mil pages and 550k indexed ones... I am adding new feeds when ever i get time and expecting it to be around 100 mil pages with in next 3-4 months... LOL if only index pages where any hint of traffic i would have good amount of traffic... No it is not... We all know unless you are ranking for any keyword you are not gonna get any visitors... SO my suggestion you should work on promotion and optimization...
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    i think you can xrumer it and see what happens.
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    Randomize the order of the paragraphs and put an extra comma every nine words... it will take off like a bat outta hell once you're out of the sandbox.

    Add canonical tags for every single page... helps get the whole site indexed quickly.

    Probably take you 10 months to get out of the sandbox... just be patient... fix the problems and do a little link building... not a lot... just a little... Google's betting on the fact that you'll quit in less than ten months... if you endure it will probably turn around.