official intrudction- new totally free filehost ,ppd and video stream!

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    hello black hat world and everybody :)
    We are introducing to you our new filehost and video streaming website -
    We are not another small website that takes adventage of its crowd - our policy espousing in reliability and the best service that our uploaders & downloaders can get.
    Our uniqueness stands with our policy - is a completley FREE platform for file sharing with no limitations and also we keep one of the best affiliate programs you can ever find.
    So what is so special about us?

    • You will never pay us a dime - we only pay you.
    • All services are completley FREE and not only for the promotion period - FOREVER.
    • All users, registered and not registered , can upload files , share them and earn money with very good rates.
    • All countries in the world get paid!!!
    Check out our affiliate program- we pay up to 6 usd per 1000 downloads and/or view - every download and view counts from all countries!

    Our advantages:

    1.No space limits for all users.
    2.Registration takes 2 seconds- no email confirmation needed.
    3.No limits on downloads.
    4.every download and view counts.
    5.NO premium users - everybody can sign up for FREE and with NO LIMITATIONS !!

    Minimum payout stands on only 10$ - the longest you gonna have to wait is 7 days but usually its a lot less than that!

    In you can upload files via browser,remote url and flash.
    As part of our relaibility we always pay on time - from the 1st to the 10th of every month and not more than 7 days from the day we get a payout request.
    What characterize is Simplicity and speed.
    we are using very strong and relaible servers that feets our uploaders needs and keep our service running in the best way.
    Start using our service and make a lot of easy money in the most simple way.

    we are looking forward to host you all. team

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