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Media Money - new aggregator of partner programs!

Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by Mediamoney, Oct 3, 2013.

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    Sep 21, 2013
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    Hello everyone!

    We are glad to present you the aggregator of the media traffic monetization systems - Media Money

    What is it all about? We have long been testing various affiliate programs and we know that conversion depends on a lot of factors.
    Like many webmasters we don't like switching from one program to another too often, but it must be done if you want to squeeze every penny from your traffic in ever-changing conditions.

    So we decided to change it for the better!

    We decided to combine all affiliate programs into one :) You will send us your traffic and receive maximum profitable conditions from various programs (just like the Groupon does, but in the field of media traffic) so you will no longer need to change your links every now and then. No longer jumping from solution to solution!

    We are also always open for cooperation with the affiliate programs. If you own such a system (public or private), join us and receive the traffic specifically tested and selected for you which best converts with your offers. Some of your colleagues and competitors are already working with us, including the well-known leaders in this niche as well as closed private solutions with big traffic.
    If you own an affiliate program with good conversion, you will see constantly increasing volume of traffic from us. We will also take care of the support of the webmasters and five you full feedback about what can be done to further increase your efficiency.

    Now, our affiliate programs integrator suits you, because we have:

    1. Unique method of traffic separation which allows us to raise the conversion by splitting the traffic among various solutions!
    We use the CPL ("convert by leads") model, which are the software installations, banner impressions, sales, subscriptions, Android installations and other things. Believe it or not, we can squeeze more from your traffic that you do now and, like a cherry to the pie, we'll give you additional bonuses!

    2. Nice bonus program or loyalty program (the said cherry) - we'll give you a bonus for every dollar earned by you. These bonuses can be exchanged for some special conditions in the program.
    E.g. you can get instant payouts, higher rates, keyword lists, custom landing pages etc. The list is growing.

    3. Affiliate program by which we'll pay you 15% of the earning of your referrals!
    Valid during the promotion period in September and October. It's a good chance for you if you can explain the benefits of our approach and invite more players to the game.

    It doesn't matter what exactly is your specialization in the media e-business. You can be a website owner or a forum/blog poster, you can run your banner network or an affiliate program.

    By default we make payouts 2 time a month with a 2-week hold period. We have big experience in the e-business and media niche.
    The registration is by invitation code. Contact us here:

    Drop us a line and we'll give you invite code!

    Media Money.