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    My site that was on the thinner side that was making me money, that I thought was penalized came back onto the SERPs.

    I want to add some articles to this site stat to make sure it never gets penalized and ranks for more terms.

    The site is based around one product exclusively. Pretend it was on a weight loss product.

    When looking for long tail keywords for page titles, should I be adding articles with keyphrases that are other variations of what people searching for that product might type in?

    Ie: "does jimmys 30day diet challenge work?"
    "is jimmys 30day diet challenge worth it?"

    or should I target general long tail concerns in that market?

    Ie: "how can I lose weight really really fast"
    "what supplement plus food will make me thin now"

    My "review" page is what was converting for me. I really dont want a lot of other content that might "distract" people from reading the review. If they landed on my site they are interested in the product and I give them my review. The only reason I want to add articles is to play good by google and to maybe get more traffic.

    However, in my head I dont want it to be a double edged sword where more traffic and good google = more options and more users reading other articles and leaving.
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