Meaning of "Text" in other languages....

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    This question came from managing a few Mobile Submit campaigns...

    Alright - Lets say I'm making an Italian campaign...
    I want to include the word "text" in the ad copy...

    "per favore mi testo"

    Sure...I was able to translate the word 'text' into Italian, but WTH does it mean to an Italian? Does it mean 'text in a book"? Are they going to think about Arial and Verdana? Or will it also apply to receiving messages on their phone?
    I need to convey my intention of SMS texting...

    I'm mainly concerned that my ad copy is being completely 'lost in translation'...

    Thanks for any insight!
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    Well if you just want to translate a few ad copies why don't you try a service like - and get a native to translate it.They charge 0.07 per word and the translation is usually done within an hour or so. If you are looking for translations I would avoid places like DP and GAF since many will pretend that they are fluent speakers and in the end they will send you the text translated by Google.