Me again, different keyword, possibly easier to get to #1?

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    Hello, its me again, as the title says, i have been looking at a different keyword, i now rank for it, however at a measly 530, although i can shoot higher if i work on this site more!! But surprisingly the dude who ranks #1 for the keyword only has 72 links and about 38 pages, i have and will be having well over 38 pages.
    I checked out his links, looks like they are mainly forum profile links, from the same forum, and a few article submissions here and there. 72 links, so there isnt many article submissions, and the forum profile links are from a forum he is active on, not on BHW by the way.
    Anyway, he is getting around 200 hits a day on this site, so i was wondering what method should i employ to get to the top. I understand article submissions, i have found article lists on BHW, thanks guys.
    But also in terms of backlinks? Should i look for pr 5 etc backlinks and manually comment with my anchor text?
    Any help would be appreciated, i see this a probably an easy way to get to the top of this one keyword so thanks guys!!
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    Go for social bookmarks, comments, directory submissions and article submission
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