Maybe a good idea?

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    I hope I am posting this in the right place... Anyways...

    I got some articles, I'm not going to say exactly where, 'cause I don't want everyone here flocking and doing this same exact thing, if it does work. But I got 200 articles, many of them pretty related.

    Ok, so I thought about organizing all of them together then splitting them up into packs of 10's or somethign like it (PLR articles).. I don't know. Then take them over to DP and sell them.

    All that above isn't the idea part I've been thinking of though. I was thinking about, maybe a few people from here (like 2 or something) would go and ask for a review copy, and then a little bit later, you post back saying you got your articles and they are 100% copyscape passed and all.

    That way there won't be any of those dumbasses asking for a "review copy" which I get tired of reading, because its on every post..

    Maybe there can be like an exchange thing on here for that.. Like +rep or maybe a few dollars. lol Who knows...

    Does this sound like a good idea?

    OH PS!!: lol... I don't know if these articles are exactly 100% copy scape passed, but if they are PLR packs, that means that people will come and get them as fast as possible, so no one will be able to say they aren't 100% copy scape passed - right?
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