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    I'm posting here since yesterday so ill introduce myself.

    Name: Max
    Nickname: Maxywaxy
    Country: The Netherlands, Holland :D
    Sports: Tennis, Fitness
    Age: 16 almost 17 ;)
    Pageranks: 3(fair i guess),7(spoofed)

    I've been working with seo techniques for about 3 months. Just working with adsense. My earnings are 3$ per day average. I want to reach 30$ a day this year.

    The projects that I try to finnish is a webpage with unique content for dutch(not germany) adsense niches. And a rssfeed newswebsite.

    Sometimes I read storys from people who have over 100.000 indexed pages with longtail keywords I'd like to learn how to do that, thats my next target. So if anybody can help me lemmie know :)

    This forum is a great forum I think because whitehat and blackhat forums are together, nobody blaming against each other like happens at alot of dutch seo forums. Also alot of useful stuff to read.