Maximizing The "Money System"?

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    Quick question,

    So I am in a niche which has a 'life-cycle'. To give a better example of what I mean by that, imagine my niche is, "Things to do while you are pregnant", so the life-cycle of that niche is 9 months (at most) and then the couple moves on with their life and new born child (of course you can continue by giving parenting tips, etc., but that is not my niche, my niche actually does end and people move on). But here is the thing...

    I am creating a money system where they pay a One-Time-Fee (OTF) and then a monthly subscription of $12.97/month for eNewsletter, galleries, interviews, etc. After the cycle is done... and they finish what they were doing (my niche). They don't really care about it, and that newsletter with galleries and interviews is completely useless to them...

    So my question is... How can I still monetize it? Should I just continue the subscription and make it hard for them to cancel it? Or...? No clue?:(