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Matt Tulett - Partner at Orange Cow

Discussion in 'UnGagged Las Vegas' started by UnGagged.com, Jul 31, 2015.

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    Jul 10, 2014
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    Focus on the important parts that you are weak on with Matt Tulett.
    The smaller the company the smaller the niche and look to dominate it.
    Panda and Penguin are intensive for Google, expect some more evolutionary updates.
    Have you used Amazon Scraping? What other tools does Matt Tullett use?


    Q: Please introduce yourself, and tell us why UnGagged?
    MT: My name is Matthew Tulett, I'm a partner at the Orange Cow - I'm sort of their SEO guy basically. We do a lot of work around tourism and hotel-type SEO, and I'm not speaking because well basically I wasn't asked.

    Q: What are your top tips and priority actions for overcoming issues associated with any big Google algorithm roll outs?
    MT: The big algorithm roll out, I think these days is getting less and less of an issue because Google do seem to have sort of, essentially, saddled their horse with Panda and Penguin but it's more going to be sort of bits and pieces that evolutionary are sort of moving on. So it really is just much more a case of getting everything sorted out. For years, people have been sat there, worrying about their backlink profile, backlink profile, backlink profile, and people forget about the content, but the bit in-between, the actually how-that's-all-structured-together doesn't get a look in, and we've found the best results generally for the least amount of effort, sorting out your website and the structure, getting a much better result with the same backlink profile, nothing else changes but the results get better. So it's much more a case of focusing on the bits that will actually make the biggest impact rather than kind of thinking what's the cool thing we've got to do at the moment, whether it's content, backlink, it's actually figuring out what those really important parts are that you're weak on.

    Q: How can businesses with smaller budgets and resource best respond to big updates?
    MT: The big update bit, again, going back to what I was saying before, I don't necessarily see that as being the main issue. But the small businesses, really these days the generalist is becoming harder and harder to rank, so the smaller you are, the more niche you need to be, really focus on what it is you're good at and then really look to dominate it and actually be the resource for that rather than actually trying to compete with everything and just pick what it is, you know, 10 miles deep, 1 inch wide. That's the approach to do it.

    Q: Are you aware of any gamechanger developments on the horizon that in-house or consultant SEOs should be aware of?
    MT: Panda and Penguin seem to be really computationally intensive for Google. They're not updating the filters very often, it's covering a comparatively small number of queries, I mean not the most popular ones, but there's an awful lot of the ones that are still not being covered by it, so you can be pretty sure that that's where they've decided they're going, they're trying to work out better ways in getting the updates to come through faster, but pretty much for the next fews years we're going to be saddled with Panda and Penguin with just various bits of evolutionary changes and in little bits and pieces all of the mobile stuff and the things that everyone's talking about at the moment are really just fairly small, slightly different versions of the same flavours. There's nothing really changing that much and I can't see it in the next few years changing that much, from a Google point of view at least.
    Q: In your niche or sector, what's the most annoying SEO misconception? Please feel free to set things straight!
    MT: The one that is my kind of pet peeve is the "We've hired an SEO, why aren't we ranking?" when they haven't done anything. It's a kind of hiring a personal trainer and expecting you to lose weight just by that. Don't put the work in, or the other classic of you going in there and explain this is what you need to do and the "Oh we don't want to do that, what else can we do?"'. It's an algorithm, it works this way, to actually get what you need out of this that's what you have to do, it's not kind of like a "you can go left or right at this junction". It's an algorithm, there aren't any favourites, you just get on with it really.

    Q: Current favourite SEO tool or platform? Or can you give us the inside track on any sexy SEO related platforms, tools or developments coming soon?
    MT: Probably gonna be singing from the same tunesheet as most people but SEMRush does get used an awful lot. And then the usual sort of backlink trackers, you know, Majestic, Ahrefs, Moz to a degree as well, they are the ones that kind of make up the staple. And then other bits and pieces, for E-commerce stuff I use a lot of Amazon scraping because it's very useful to see what's on there because that's actually a really good sign for what's going on in e commerce. That really does help, even if you're not on Amazon. That's pretty much the set of stuff that comes up.
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