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matched betting

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by 1morenoob, Dec 4, 2014.

  1. 1morenoob

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    Nov 17, 2014
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    saw another guy posted about it, theres others guides all over the net but some of you may not know it.

    if you google 'bookies offers' you'll see lists of all the offers they have, e.g bet £50 get a £50 free bet. They know they'll lose money on this on average, most of them work off only 5% profit margins (marathonbet the best with only 2.2%)

    So as a simple example if andy murray was playing nadal and the odds were evens for 1.96 for each then you'd bet £50 on both. Then you have £98. Now you're left with a £50 free bet.

    If you want to extend this then you can google 'sports arbitrage' and you can find software where you can always profit. Most of them will close your account fast though. I'd stay away with anything with over a 5% profit margin as i personally think they put them up on purpose to catch arbers.
    Plenty of calculators around that let u easily calculate how much you need to bet

    Make sure you check their t&cs on the offers, some make u keep it in there for x amount of bets but most of the common bookies are fairly straightforward, normally just needs to be at odds of over 1.5 or 2
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    Dec 13, 2010
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    The house always wins. If you think they lose money on this kind of transaction, don't ever try to bet someday.
    I highly doubt you will find odds even at 1.96 honestly.
    And even if you do, you'll get shaved let's say 5% on each bet you place on both site, at the end you'll have a profit of 10 pounds that you can cash out. Cool; But you won't be able to scale it up in anyway.

    Sport arbitrage is tottaly different from the beggining of your thread. It is legal and it's an exploit of the odds when they are not thought in commons. You can win on the long term but it requires a huge bankroll an an important number for websites.