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Links delivered as stated with TAT of 3 weeks. Content provided was of excellent quality - well researched and very readable. PBN sites have been built with care and look natural with realistic about and TOS pages etc. Average metrics and RD's came in at or above promised figures. Unique IP's, good mix of hosts and registrars and different wordpress setups for each. Good service.
This review is unbiased, and I have done as unbiased of a job scrutinizing this as I can.

A couple of weeks ago, Finn came to me asking if I would like a sample of his upcoming PBN network. We have spoken on many occasions about how a lot of PBN sites are total junk these days. Little did I know, that he was building a premier network. So, I gladly accepted.

At that time, he offered me three links as part of his sample to his network. He needed to know my keyword, and desired URL, which is obviously what is needed for a link building service. What I didn't know, was that he went and actually did some behind the scenes research on my site.

First, I looked at the actual content, and here is why I am immediately impressed:
  • Taking the time to figure out what my site was ACTUALLY guiding my readers into performing.

  • Writing 500+ word article that was highly relevant to what those actions were.

  • Included relevant images naturally within the article.

  • The link to my site was natural, and not forced.

  • Each article was 100% unique in topic, and unique content. The only thing close about them, was their proximity to 500 words, which was +/- about 20 words each.
If someone were to land on this page, they would see something that was more than the typical PBN. These are genuine articles!

After reading the articles, I looked at the sites they were being hosted on. Here are the things I noticed about each of them:
  • Premium WordPress theme.

  • Different Style Menus and Layouts.

  • Unique and Custom Logos, with matching favicons.

  • Linked to Social Media Accounts, that each have decent followings, in the thousands. Not just shell accounts made for a link.

  • Terms and Conditions Page - Present and unique.

  • Contact Us - Present and named differently, but similar forms.

  • Privacy Policy - It could be scrambled a bit. But those are almost always just copy/pasted from somewhere else anyway, so that's not a deal breaker.

I then did some digging through ahrefs, and the wayback machine. I couldn't find anything that would make me want to disavow these links.
  • There wasn't anything spammy, fishy, or anything questionable about any of them.

  • Different IP ranges.

  • Unsure of hosting, as I couldn't find anything about it.
Although the site quality of each PBN has been quite impressive, I was only given three links. I wouldn't say this is enough to slam me to the top of the charts. If the entire network is as clean, relevant, and unique as these three sites, then I wouldn't have a problem recommending buying a shit load of links.

Bottom line: Get your links while you can!
Good job, Finn!
Discount code, please.

Also, what would be the total obl of the sites?

The homepage one is written, not the total one.
In February I got a review copy from Finn. I received a surprisingly strong set of links in very well written articles. TAT was a little over a week but I'm rarely ever in a hurry with these kinds of work because link building is the most crucial of all SEO.

These are, for all practical purposes, legit links that would easily pass being reviewed. I certainly would consider these 100% legit if I saw them - and I've been around a few decades and can easily sniff out spammy links.

Finn provides to-the-point, straight talk and honest service. All you can ask from a provider IMO.

I'm prospecting some new clients and will surely order more when time comes.
I received ten links from @Finn for this PBN. The links went live about 3-4 weeks ago. All links are still live.

  • These links have some solid link juice. The RD's of the ten main domains were: 53, 55, 92, 46, 81, 136, 28, 81, 84, and 88. The other metrics were exactly how they were stated in the sales copy.
  • The content was some of the most solid content I've seen from a PBN on here. It was readable, relevant to my niche, and had images relevant to the niche as well.
  • The websites were beautiful. Solid themes, individually done logos that went with the color scheme of the site.
  • I was unable to find anything glaring that linked these sites together in any way, shape or form.
  • The domains and "topics" the site site were rarely connected in any way outside a mention in the logo. Some of the sites had zero to do with the site content or what the site is currently branded as. This screams PBN, but is literally the only thing that does so.
Overall, this is one of the most solid private blog networks I have reviewed or purchased on this site. Finn was highly communicative through the whole process, and the price point is well worth what you are receiving. It's clear this was built with meticulous care.

Thanks for the review, @Finn, and glad to see you back with a stellar product.

As a previous buyer of @Finn 's previous service I was offered chance to review this.

The sites are clean, look like real sites, have social interaction, built on different themes, plug ins etc.
They all have legal pages, about us etc, to add to the authentic feel of these.

Content is top class, really high quality and well set out. The site have been well constructed, and would stand manual reviews.

Logos, social media profiles and the metrics of the domains show this isn't a cheaply put together offering.

Communication throughout was very good, questions answered promptly ans I was kept abreast of any updates to the order.

Good service and if anything is underpriced for the offering.
send me a coupon code please and how many sites are in your PBN at the moment
I'm not even reading your sales letter, finn means quality, just send me that coupon bro
@Finn gave me the chance to review his new PBN service and as usual - its just another quality service.

There's no way you could tell these websites are used for a PBN. They're beautifull, well designed websites with pages you'll see on every website like Privacy Policy, Terms, contact etc.

The content is very high quality and obviously handwritten. I really enjoyed reading the article and Finn finished it with images and a YT video.

I was offered three links on three different websites. All websites had TF15 or higher and RD80 or higher. As you can tell on the metrics, those are very powerfull clean domains.
I just checked Ahrefs and all three websites didn't had more then 15 outgoing links.

Finn responded quick on my questions and besides that he's a very nice guy to talk to.

There are only a few persons on BHW which I trust with my personal money sites - and Finn is one of them.

Wishing you good luck with sales :)
just placed an order , xxxxxxxxxxxx4252K , please confirm
I received 3 links from Finn as a free review copy. Here is my impartial and honest review:

I've tried a handful of PBN services in the recent months and Finn's service is one of the best in terms of content quality. The articles are very well written and compliment what's on my money site. All three articles had images in them and a couple of them had a link to an authority site in my niche, but not direct competition.

Site quality:
The three sites I received links from are built on wordpress. All three have very nice looking themes, all three use at least one unique plugin and there are social media buttons linking to popular social pages in their respective niches. It is clear that a good amount of work has gone into putting together each site.

I'm including this as a factor here because I've experienced some PBN links taking ages to get indexed. All three links Finn provided me are indexed in Google. And one of them is showing up in my Google Webmaster Tools too.

I've never been a metrics freak but the domains have TF of 10, 3, & 12 and DA 19, 21, & 25 and all three have 50+ RD.

It was a medium-low competition keyword in a highly competitive niche. My site was at #153 when the first link went live and it is at position #46 as of writing this. The highest it went in SERPs was #31 last week and its still moving around in the 35-50 range. Note that I haven't done any other link-building so far. So #153 to #46 in just under one month.

Everything written above.

As @Sherb pointed out, there is little to no correlation between the content of the sites and their names/branding. This might give them away as PBNs but the only way to mitigate this risk is building your own private blog network and picking only niche specific domains for ONE niche; which is extremely cost-intensive and rarely worthwhile.

I've interacted with @Finn about one of his services in the past and straight out told him that it didn't meet my standards. He was extremely professional in dealing with the matter and this time around, he has come up with a PBN service that easily stands among the top 3 of all the PBN services I've tried. Good quality, reasonable prices and great support. Thumbs up!
Interesting. Just placed an order using my partner Sudeshna's Paypal... Let's see how things go.
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