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Nov 26, 2010
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Why Our Clients Choose Us Again and Again


I got a free 3 links package from OP.

33/ 21
30/ 21

Ref Domains:

All sites have unique IPs, Unique Themes.
Contents were good, unique handwritten, copyscape passed (checked) and readable. Each article contains 1 related image. ~ Very good.
Fast Turnaround Time, Good Communication.

Review: 3 x PBN Links

Morgan provided 3 x PBN links to my site as part of a free review copy.
I checked the sites (root domains) in MOZ OSE -
#1 - DA30 PA41
#2 - DA33 PA35
#3 - DA30 PA36

Checked the backlink profile for each domain in AHREFS as well, backlinks look natural, history of the domains looks very healthy and everything checks out.

For the record I have also puchased a few other services from Morgan in the last and I can say that he is a very trustworthly and professional seller - and that was prooved again with this review because delivery was very fast and exactly as described.

Received 3 High metrics Guest post PBN Links

I checked all domains on moz/ahrefs

1st site:
DA 38 PA 47 TF 27
2nd site:
DA 35 PA 39 TF 24
3rd site:
DA30 PA 41 TF 26

All these site have strong root backlinks, clean and not spammed at all. Very impressed of the high quality of these articles, well research and written. The content itself is extremely high quality.

This services is the best in terms of quality of the guest posts and for the article. I have even got some huge boost in rankings :

From page 4 to page 2!!!

I'm adding this services to on my top 3 services on bhw and will place order soon. Hatsoff to the seller for providing such quality for this cheap price!!!
Review Time

My order was completed a few days ago, I waited this long to drop my review so as to be sure of what I got.
The average DA is 30 and the TF average is 21. Which is good enough IMAO.

About ranking. I gave OP, a keyword in a difficult niche and it has bounce from No.72 to No.26 and still dancing.
I can imagine what will happen if I get the largest package.

Overall. This thing is working! Recommended.
I received a review copy and the turn around was very quick. Had unique themes on each site, article was actually very well done, and the articles has related images too. All content was copyscape passed, had some great stats, avergae DA 34, TF was average 25. Really happy with the quality provided here.
I purchased the large package and I'm see great results. I will be using this service again.

Content 10/10
Ranking 9/10
Turnaround 8/10

Thanks again Morgan!
I got 3 blog post as a part of review copy. All post site looks good unique theme, different IP address/different web hosting, private who is.
Article is quite good around 500 words unique copyscape passed article.

Metrics: PA DA TF

Site 1: 35 22 30
Site 2: 23 20 26
Site 3: 30 22 26

It's an excellent service. Highly recommended to all.
So Morgan just emailed me the report for the review copy I ordered two days ago.

I checked domain metrics for the blog posts I got TF average was 25, DA average was 24.
The blogs were all general niche Wordpress blogs, however what I really liked about the blog network were unique themes / layouts.
The article itself was outstanding for a PBN post. Fully readable and contained an image (unfortunately with meaningless file name and alt description though)

All in all: Solid service, decent metrics, high quality content, fair price.
Got a review copy with 3 links. Domain metrics very very solid. The articles were relevant, had relevant images and were solidly written for a PBN, with unique themes (sites could pass for legitimate sites). Overall recommend.
Review Time:

Received reports from the Morgan, Websites looks good and have perfect metrics. Even the article quality was very good I just felt that the images where little improper like the article was talking about some other product and the image was of other product.

All the domains have more than 30 TF and a average 25 DA.

Havent seen much rise in the rankings but its just 3 links maybe they will show effect soon.
Overall recommended service.
Its Review Time!!
OP delivered my links on time with super quality :)
All TF 25+ DA 21+ laser target niche backlinks, I was waiting for 2 weeks to see ranking updates. I see my rankings are getting well and well over the past few weeks
Awesome job man & Highly recommended :)
Review: bought the largest package and was happy with it. I would give a special shout-out to the "guest posts." Seller doesn't advertise particular niches, but 100% of the guest posts were niche-relevant to my target site's niche. Well done. Also of note was the quality of content for the high authority links.

Blog Posts:
  • According to LinkResearchTools, most blogs had 200-600 linking root domains.
  • Spot check showed homepage PA/DAs of 36/25, 32/25, 22/25, 28/24, 18/28, 44/42, 43/33, 35/23.
  • Good indexing on all domains.
  • Site designs were very different from one another, and several were quite professional.
  • Content was good. Some oddities here and there, and presumably it was spun to be created, but edited thereafter.
  • Good use of relevant images.
Guest Posts:
  • According to LinkResearchTools, most sites had 230-460 linking root domains. DAs mostly in the 30s, homepage PAs mostly in the 40s.
  • Really impressed by the niche relevance for all of them. These are all obviously PBNs, maybe run by seller, maybe run by someone else, but they were all on target and had good indexing.
High Authority Links:
  • These are, in effect, Web 2.0s, which is as expected. 3 were on subdomains of the root, 7 were on the root domain.
  • Content is good and at the length advertised by seller.
Just received my report for the small package. For the price I'm surprised of the quality of the service. While the content is average, readable but not great, the "high authority blogs" and "guest posts" are from sources that individually would cost a lot more to get into.
Made new order, ID xxxxx025D. Will posting new updates here.

This is my 2nd order for Morgan's service. Very pleased doing business with Him because He is very flexible, responsible and responsive when dealing with His customer.
I used Morgan's service earlier and my site did see great improvement in ranking!

I won't say that it's 100% from his service only as I was trying other BHW seller's services too but the links does come into webmaster tools and all other tools which shows that they do count as authority!

I'll let you guys know about how this order went soon.
This is my honest review for this service and this is my order post, order placed on 1st December 2016.

I was checking out my Links Profile one of my abandoned site in Ahrefs few hours ago and I've found some contextual backlinks with a very good Domain Authority that makes me wondering where are these links came from. Ahrefs shows that It was "first seen" in december 2016, so I thought these Backlinks are good, still live for more than a year & it's worth to find out more. Long story short, I've found the provider and this guy @morgan456 is the provider.

How about my rankings? I use this service purely for Branding because my site was relatively new at that time. But honestly speaking, these backlinks will surely help your sites rank. In fact, I'm about to order more for my other money sites :)

My conclusion? This guy's service is worth your investment, especially the PBN & Guest Post Links. It's still there even after more than a year, it's real, not like any other Guest Post crap. Which means this is the ideal contextual backlinks you need for your money site, for the long run.

Please note: I didn't get anything from this review except my pure personal satisfaction of these contextual backlinks. It's worth it.
Ordered medium package $169

Quality : 10/10
Customer support : 10/10
TAT : 9/10

Will see how it affect my rankings, but overall service is quite good.
Got my order in 7 days.

PBN sites use different themes, from premium looking to basic. Metrics are good too with DA/TF from 15 to 30.

Guest posts and high authority blogs have good content.

Overall very satisfied.
Morgan did an excellent job. I got a starter package just to see what it can do, and I was more than happy with the results!
I went from #14 globally to #9 for the first keyword, and for the second one i went from being on page 5 to page 2!
Reccommended service and good support as well!
Getting more soon!
Made an order for blog posts to Morgan, about ten days ago.
Morgan delivered exactly what was promised. Blog posts with links to the site are of high DA. Posts are authentic and well written.
The guy is really reliable and only little assistance was needed from my side.
I want to wait a little bit to check my rankins after the order, but I can safely say Morgan is the man and for this kind of service.
received the links the other day, checked stats of the site and all seem very good. The only criticism I have is the 3 guest posts were in niches that were not the target URL. They are in niches that my $ site provides, but it would have been good if the links from the blogs were in a similar niche as the $ page - great service though
Ordered few days back and got the Report, Morgan delivered the report within TAT and provided the complete links report.

Quality of blogs is good and links are placed well. New order placed, I am excited to see the great result :)

Order received.

The content was nicely modified and presented on all those content sites. Happy and ***** service.

Want to place another order now. Please share discount code ;)
Hi, I get a free review copy -3 PBN link, thanks OP! so here is the review:

1. Metric from Moz
View attachment 219472

2. 3 sites are hosted on different Hosting & IP & Net.

3. Articles are about 500+ words, they're also unique, and readable.

4. Site design is not very good IMO, but it's a PBN, Private is important, right?!

Let's wait for the changes... ...
Review time.
I got the 3 blog links as a review.

Communication with the seller was fast and accurate, without issues there.
TAT was also faster than I have expected.

The links I received are on websites that match the metrics advertised, link profiles appear to be real, and no links that would suggest metrics are inflated.
The article is obviously spun but readable and unique however for the price of the packages, I believe that the article should be much better. There is one picture in the article and no headings, it's just a big block of text which I didn't like. In sites without logos, not much time seems to be spent on designing the sites.

The keyword i requested is easy competition, will see if this will move the needle. I will add edition to review in a week or 2
I would not recommend this for linking money sites directly but more for T2.
I got a review copy for the Master of Back Links - I received three links on DA 15, DA 24 and DA 24 domains. All articles were written in native English, were informative and adequatly long, contained relevant keywords and are sending traffic to my target website. I highly recommend this service.
Received a review copy for the Master of Back Links - three packs of links on DA 22, DA 24, and DA 24 domains. All articles were written in native English, and were informative and contained relevant keywords which i provide to add to the content. recommend this service.
Review copy 3 links

PBN looked great, unique written text with pictures and the themes and IP are unique as the OP promised.
I even enjoy reading the articles they looked totally natural and good written with the perfect Places ment of keyword.
Fast answer and fast exulted and answered any questioned I had.

Perfect service highly recommended.
I purchased the highest plan offered in this service, and was really impressed with the quality, and diversity of the links that were related to my niche. I know these links will start to help lay a foundation of links for my site which is fairly new. I have been mostly focused on contents for this site, and look forward knowing these links will help my site increase in authority. ex of high authority links are particularly impressive ex - DA 92, 84, 89, 93 etc
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Thread approved. Seller provided his top level $299 package for the review.

PBN looked great, unique handwritten content throughout, unique themes, IP's, who.is and everything else he promised...

The authority links and guest posts were also excellent.

Good service.

Thread Edit Log
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Any review copies? Also says $89 on here but $99 on site. Cheers
Thread approved. Seller provided his top level $299 package for the review.

PBN looked great, unique handwritten content throughout, unique themes, IP's, who.is and everything else he promised...

The authority links and guest posts were also excellent.

Good service.

Thanks for your honest feedback review about our service. Thanks again, @I know SEO !​




Email: [email protected]
Skype: seomorgan03
Placed 3 review copies order of smallest package


Please Send me Some Samples of Authority Links

Are Authority Links Also Niche related..?

Please Let me Know.

Any review copies? Also says $89 on here but $99 on site. Cheers

PM Sent :) Check and let me know your interest.

Placed 3 review copies order of smallest package



Thanks for the orders, will get back to you with your reports

Please Send me Some Samples of Authority Links

Are Authority Links Also Niche related..?

Please Let me Know.


Samples sent via PM. Kindly check and let me know your interest.
Please send me sample of "Guest Post", "Blog Post" and "High Authority Links", Also reserve 1 spot me under 40% discount.
Just now placed one Oogway package. Looking forward to seeing results.

Thanks, Got your order details and will get back to you with your reports

Please send me sample of "Guest Post", "Blog Post" and "High Authority Links", Also reserve 1 spot me under 40% discount.

All Samples sent to your inbox. Kindly take a look and let me know your interest.
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