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Nov 28, 2010
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Receiving a refund is possible only in the case of services not in accordance with the conditions specified in the offer and regulations. The customer has the right to receive the full refund of the fee. In any other case, the receipt of any refund is possible only after an individual assessment of its legitimacy. In individual cases, refunds may be granted minus time using proxy servers
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Thank you @I know SEO for your fast approval. It's nice to be in such a respectable group. Words of gratitude!

Thank you @Purush!
However, I hope that in the near future, you will try our service.

Let me remind you that it is enough to mention in the post:
"I want 5% discount Code"
to get your promo code via PM.

I hope that we can create something special for BHW.
All the best.
I want 5% discount... do they have username and password authorization?
I want 5% discount Code sent to my PM please

I want 5% discount Code sent to my PM please,

I want 5% discount...

I want 5% discount

I want 5% discount

PMs with codes sent. Thank you for your interest.

do they have username and password authorization?

For that moment we can offer only IP authorization. But I can assure you that our authentication system works very well and all the IP changes are immediately active.
Please send me the 5% discount code through PM, I would like to order.



  • review copies are dedicated for BHW member with at least 100 posts
  • to receive review copy you need to register on our site
  • our code which we send you via PM will give you 100% discount on review copy
  • in contrast to our standard offer, review copy will be setup manually, so it may takes some time.
  • you will receive full functional service including our instant auth IP change, PROXY API and full support.
  • proxies assigned to review copy will not be virgin fo IG

If you have any questions just ask PM or Tickets
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i want a review copy for 1 proxy for 1 month.. Thanks
Give me a review copy. One for one month would be the best instead of three for three days. This would let me test out the proxy to its full length, instead of a short time.

How many subnets I get for the: 50 PRIV PROXY package?

Thank you.
Give me review copy please. Want to test proxies before buying in bulk. Thanks in advance...
Can I get a review copy? Been wanting to try the proxies out before making a bigger order
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