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Massplanner and Facebook

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by web_riches, Aug 6, 2015.

  1. web_riches

    web_riches Junior Member

    Feb 9, 2010
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    Atl. GA

    I am looking at mass planner (MP) to market to groups on Facebook. I have a few questions with best set up and such and wanted to get confirmation on some points. I posted the questions below along with what steps I have taken thus far.

    First, I read the post and PDF by INCEPTION_AC on the topic posting to fb groups, great stuff!!
    Phase one is Setting up MP and FB accounts.
    I followed the directions to get the free year of VPS hosting on the Amazon cloud.

    • [*=1]This would be the t1-Mirco on the AMZ cloud.

    I add the following modules:
    • Account Actions

    According to the INCEPTION_AC report, I need about 10 FB profiles posting every day to make bank. Great!

    • I am looking to get 10 x 4 month to 1 year aged PVA FB accounts.
      • Looking at this provider
      • Have you worked with this service, are they good?
    • From what I read, 1 proxy would be ok for about 2 FB accounts.. is this correct?
      • I am looking at this service for the proxies, it is the best rate on BHW?
        • Code:
      • So 5 private proxies would be fine for to run 10 FB profiles on MP?
    • Would the t1-Mirco account on the Amazon cloud be ok for processing 10 FB accounts at once or will I get over the 1 gb transfer amount in the allotted 750 hrs?
      • Is their a better VPS that can process this for free? (*Or at cheep?)

    These are my questions thus far. I have searched and tried to piece together information from various sources.. but hear a lot of conflicting reports and wanted to get clarification.

    Thank you!