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    It's All In Your Head
    Ok guys, this is most likely the wrong place to post this, but hey, what are moderators for! (no offence guys - please move this thread to the most appropriate place)

    I'm about to give you a little "How-To" .... This particular how-to generates about $22,000 per month for me. (not even 1/16th of my total online income.

    This really isn't one of those things that can become saturated... and I'm going to give you the short version because I am working on the long, fully detailed version as a "for sale" type of product.... But relax! If you have been in the IM industry for more than 10 minutes, you'll "get this".


    Method below.


    First of all, I work on the wp platform for this method, so everything I talk about is wp related.

    1- I use a plugin that requires the reader/user to either tweet, like, or g1+ the article before they receive the promised treat.

    2- Once they get to the promised treat, they are presented with a wigdet that requires them to fill out a survey of some sort (this gets me paid) and once they finish that, they are required to give me their name/email so that I can send them the promised item. (all automatic of course)

    3- There is no # 3.. Yeah, it's really that simple.

    Here's an example for you....

    I generate some kind of traffic from somewhere (adwords, mailing list, tweets, facebook, whatever)... I only need a tiny amount of traffic to get the ball rolling.

    I can select any kind of product to ultimately deliver to them... usually I just pick some youtube how-to as the product... so ultimately it isn't costing me anything to "produce the product".

    I use a specific theme - flextheme (the newest)
    I use a specific plugin - (attached... do your own virus scan on it - doesn't call home.)
    Next I set up so that I require each of the three from the reader/user before they proceed while promising the product at each step.'
    (pay with a tweet to receive xyz product - once they do that it takes them to a page that says send a "like" to xyz page to download the product, and after that it tells them to do a google + 1 to proceed to the product.)
    Once they finally jump through these hoops it brings them to a survey page with promise of delivery after the survey. After the survey it demands their name/email in order to send them the item promised.

    Sounds like a lot, but people jump through these hoops in a big way.

    The end result is that you get a massive amount of traffic, a sweet amount of sales, and an ultra targeted mailing list.

    yeah... I really am that good!

    I could go on... but really, what's the point. Like I said, you either know IM or you don't.

    If this isn't enough instruction for you I'll be releasing a product soon that you can just buy and it will give you all of the fine details.

    Now - with all of that said...

    Come the fuck on people!

    This site isn't even black-hat anymore (and hasn't been for a few years). This site is for the masses that are looking for paid products that they can get for free.

    Not much black-hat about this site at all, unless (I assume) that the real BH stuff is going on at much higher levels than the average user is allowed to see.

    So, you can't deny that this method will work in a massive way for anyone who applies common sense to the equation.

    So, for any BH GODS who are listening - I Want In. I Can Pass You slick Shit That You Haven't Even Imagined Yet... and All Of It Puts Money In Your Bank Account... All I Ask For Is To Be Included.

    Test me. I'll Blow Your Fucking Mind.

    Oh well .. this site wouldn't allow me to upload the wp script - fuck it.
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    Why not upload the plugin to mediafire and post the link.

    You are right about the majority of newbies on this board. They are mostly here to download a paid product. But there are many guys who come here to learn and there are also many useful threads on this forum. Just do a search for "Method".
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    I've seen the pay with a tweet theory before and was really interested in testing but this is even better as it has +1s and fb likes.

    This is amazing at sending something viral as 10 visitors can easy cause exposure to another potential 1,000 (asuming avg of 100 friends/followers/etc) visitors. If 10% or even 5% of those convert and dish out the likes your getting another 25,000-50,000 potential visitors. I don't need to go any further for you to realise how big this can get in a few short jumps.

    Can't wait to try this out!

    PS: anyone else have a nulled copy of the plugin they can upload?
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    seems kinda cool... and i get it... but need the stuff to do it....
    wos got the WP plug....

    and also dude/ OP...where do you go for the paid surveys deal for the opters...cant find much for myself any clues...

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    In theory this sounds plausible and this is almost exactly what I thought about doing, as I'm building an email list myself, however, I guess the visitors need to jump through too many hoops to get to the promised download :/ (it's just my assumption, and yea, assumption is the mother of all fck ups) - it just might drive them off.
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