Massive Leads Manipulation Methods

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    Hi guys

    I just wanna create a trend here to discuss how to get people to convert as leads. I have some wild ideas and I hope to get your opinion on this. I need to get 3000 leads to win a affiliate contest, that's why I'm so motivated to accomplish this objective. I must do it!

    Method #1 - Forum Trojan

    I will go and sign up for a few hot forums, post some useful content inside, set up a persuasive signature linking to the money page and than I will tried to get them to sign up through my affiliate links on appropriated posts.

    Method #2 - Free gifts just for you*

    E-mail them - you want to make your e-mail personal. I have learned from Gary Halbert that you should position your e-mail/message to be in the A pile(important & must read) rather than B pile(advertising & craps)

    a) normal promotion letter
    b) Send them a free gift(e-book,software..etc) with locked password and tell them that the password is at the 3rd paragraph of the copy after they have opt-in.

    Method #3 - PPC advertising

    Very well targeted method for targeted segment of audience, excellent but costly :p

    Method #4 - Auto Blog Comment Software

    Leave a signature like type of comments on specific market blogs - chances are 1-3% people will click on your link.

    Method #5 - Proxy superman

    Get a proxy software or use a proxy website( and sign up with a fake e-mail address, wash, rinse and repeat. - I didn't tried it yet, anyone?

    Method #6 - Get me leads and you'll get pay(you better not lie to me)

    Recruit people to help you to collect leads, for an example, get me 50 leads and I will give you something for exchange.

    Method #7 - Craig list Armageddon

    Go to each Craig list websites and spam your offer - Hell of a work.

    If you find my post useful or entertaining please press the "thankyou" button.

    Your comments and opinion are much appreciated. :)
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