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As I promised to leave a review here after my first order... here I am:

The overall experience with the seller is really good. I have been hiring a couple of other service providers for mass DM, but this seller has some solid communication skills (and the others were not so good).
The quality of the mass DM service is also quite good, the sent PM will land in the 'PM request inbox' and not in the spam box. So that's a really good thing.
The price is also competitive and I'm about to place a larger order with this seller.

The seller is also checking the target servers before sending any bulk DMs without wasting any credits.
The seller is also providing me with a report of the sent DMs.

So far so good. As this is a new seller, I was a little hesitant to pay before the service, but it's all good.
No need to worry about it. ;)

I know the seller doesn't guarantee a determined CVR, but may I know what yours was? Just out of curiosity.
Since i opened this thread, i have completed +500k orders so far. Thank you to all my customers for their interest.

Telegram mass dm service is currently active in beta. Interested people can contact me.

Discord Mass DM discount for BHW is continues.
how many minimum order to get 30% discount ?
do we need to provide the group or database for the blast ?
how many minimum order to get 30% discount ?
do we need to provide the group or database for the blast ?
Hi sir, min order 1k you can use discount for all orders. I need only target server and message content, nothing else.
Discord services stock renewed.
Discord mass dm discount still active (%30)
Telegram mass dm added.
Just sent you a friend request on Discord, looking forward to using your services!
I'm a little confused. Is this used to advertise any product, or only discord servers?

In some places the website mentions "your server" and others "your product".

And the order form asks for my discord. I just want to spam some affiliate content links, not get replies to my username/server. Can I do this?
I am really interested in purchasing, but I am waiting on some more reviews regarding effectivity/CVR.
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